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Behind my eyes I'm hiding Here there be redheads...well, one or two, anyway. They can't see me...

Hi, glad you're here! Come in, kick your shoes off, plop down on a futon and make yourself comfortable.

If you came here from left.of.center, you already know all about me, Emby Quinn. If you followed the link from The Pretty Girls Page, you already know a bit about Miya. So who the heck does this loft really belong to? To answer that burning question, I'll hand the keyboard over to the lady herself for a moment, since she wants to greet the visitors to this site anyway. ^.^,v.. Take it away, Miya...

Washio Miyae to moushimasu. Yoroshiku, ne!. Call me Miya; it's what I prefer anyway. If you're here, you should already have some idea of my identity, but if you have just stumbled in glassy-eyed from a random search engine somewhere, I am the sister of Ken Washio, whom you might know as the leader of the Science Ninja Team, also known as Gatchaman.

Umm...Red, I'm not sure everybody knows what Gatchaman is.

Well, you explain it to them, then. I'll see if there's any AriZona Green Tea in the fridge, na?

::grumble:: Thanks a lot. You know, folks, it's bad when your own characters talk back to you...>.<;;

Anyway, Miyae Washio, or Washio Miyae if you're going to get technical (or just plain Miya if you're in a hurry) is a fanfiction character associated with the classic anime series Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman. If you don't know what that is, there are a number of informative sites you can access from my links page below.

Miya herself began life as an imaginary character I added to the stories I created in my budding obsession for Battle of the Planets back when I was too young to know any better. When I discovered Gatchaman in 1979, I switched my imaginary character over to that genre and began writing stories about her. (Yes, technically this means Miya is, when you get right down to it, the ever-dreaded Mary Sue type of character. I'd like to think she's grown beyond that, but I'll let you be the judge.) Most of those early stories have gone the way of the landfill, but after two decades' worth of rewrites, her introduction to the Gatchaman universe is now available here on the World Wide Web for all to see. Don't hurt me. >.<

Redhead sighting in BotP comic! In #4 of the Battle of the Planets series being published by Top Cow, there is a classroom scene with a number of very familiar faces listening to "Chief Anderson" pontificate. Among the students are a young Zoltar (Mala?), Egon and Winston from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, Jun from the 1994 Gatchaman OAV series...and an unmistakable redhead from a long-established Gatchaman fanfiction series. I wrote to the artist, the incredibly wonderful Mr. Wilson Tortosa, and he wrote back confirming that she is, indeed, the "savage redhead". My deepest and everlasting thanks to "Wunan" for the nod to my contribution to the bird people's world. Thanks also to Buffy from the MSN chat groups for pointing it out to me in the first place! It was a most welcome birthday present, and totally unexpected. In some small way, Miya has become part of the Gatchaman mythos, and I couldn't be happier about it. To view the panel in question, beautifully rendered by Mr. Tortosa, please click here.

Look close--she's not even pointing it at him!

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Douzo! Pieces of Me You've Never Seen Miya is my favorite redhead who hangs around with bird people, but she's not the first. Check here to see the other incarnations that go with the various American treatments of Gatchaman.
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Douzo! Everybody Else's Girl Miya's complete bio, including vital statistics, personal history, and other essentially pointless information about a character you've never heard of. Spoilers galore--if you haven't read the fanfiction, but plan to, maybe you should hold off on this section. Or you can skip this section entirely. Like I'm going to know? Got some nice modified images though, including a few from Carolyn Kaufman's Gatchaman site. Now updated and corrected to be brought in line with recent writings.
Douzo! The Sea Is The Sky I got a wild hair and inspiration from the Beta Readers Page and calculated Miya's horoscope at Astrology.com. It's surprisingly spot-on with her character, and I even learned a few things about the redhead I didn't know. Check it out.
Douzo! Putting the Damage On A complete episode listing for the original Gatchaman series, with corresponding episode titles for the American bastardizations--whups, translations. ^^;;
Douzo! I Have A Hiding Place The Church of Condor Joe: A shrine to my personal favorite character, and probably yours too. If not, you can come in anyway. You may be converted.
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I was the first to bag Joe Asakura at www.pocket-bishonen.com.
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Oh, and if you haven't noticed that the author/creator is seriously into Tori Amos by now, consider yourself severely tickled by a feather shuriken. ^.^

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