(no refrigeration required)
Douzo! The Grey Album This is Wilson Tortosa's site, the artist from the Top Cow Battle of the Planets comic book series. He's a Gatch fan as well as an amazing artist, and since he actually gave my redhead a cameo in the BotP book, I figured the least I could do was provide a link to his wonderful site. Flash required, but darn well worth it.
Douzo! Alara Rogers' Gatchaman Site The Great Bird of the Galaxy...whups, wrong genre. ^^;; The Gatchaguru--yeah, that's it! Anyway, this is her site, and don't let the uncomplicated layout fool you--there's a lot of damn skippy stuff here. (There's a reason her site comes first on this page, folkses.) You can't help but have a hefty chunk of respect for a woman who taught herself Japanese just so she could understand what the bird people were saying. (Talk about devotion...) You can find fanfic, information on tape trading, and lots of other coolness.
Douzo! Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force and Eagle Riders That enough differing titles for the same series for ya? ^.~ Carolyn Kaufman has a wonderful, information-rich, graphics-intense, mama-jammin' kickass website that has everything you could possibly want to know, plus lovely images, sound clips, movies, and more.
Douzo! The Home of the White Shadow This was one of the three first Gatch websites I encountered and absorbed (Alara's and Caro's sites, listed above, are the others). Wendy Dinsmore lived in Japan for a while (lucky wench) and is as rabid a Gatchamaniac (did she coin that term?) as the rest of us. Diinzumo's site has character information, series information, examinations of the major plotlines of the series, art by professionals and fans (including moi), hilarious cartoons and parodies, and a shrine to my baby the Condor. ^.^
Douzo! kodoku.org My baby sister Shana's homepage. Lots of nice stuff, personal reflections, comedy, rantings, a whiff of shounen-ai, and fanart images from Gatch and other series, particularly an extensive gallery of my artwork (yay me!) and Donna's, aka Sailor Condor. Speaking of whom...
Douzo! Jo-Chan's Place The home of Jo-Chan, Donna, Sailor Condor...by any other name, she's still my meichan. ^.^,v.. Smooth layout, lovely artwork, involving text, fresh links, and an attitude that somehow manages to be sweet and saucy at the same time. Oh, and don't forget to check out her online manga series, Angelic! Ossu, meichan!
Douzo! Jen Nolan's Gatchaman Page Series information, fanfiction and fanart, a comprehensive list of resources for Gatch goodies, news on Gatch fandom, a FAQ and more (like all that's not ENOUGH?!). Truly spiffy layout too. It's a pity, but the site seems to be dead. I'm leaving the link here in the faint hope that someday it will return.
Douzo! Sayuri's Gatchaman Fan Fictions Japanese only. Sayuri is an excellent artist and a talented and prolific writer of Gatchaman fanfics. She also has a couple of bulletin boards up, one dedicated exclusively to helping Japanese and English-speaking fans connect with each other. If you're fond of the Eagle in particular, you'll love this site; Sayuri's a staunch Ken supporter. ^.^
Douzo! Battle of the Planets Universe This is where a lot of us longtime Gatch fans started. It's popular to make fun of Sandy Frank's treatment of the series, but the truth of the matter is that Gatchaman would probably never have such a strong Western following if Sandy Frank had never existed. Julieann and Nanuk have a great deal of well-presented information here about the first and often most fondly remembered "translation" of Gatch, including character and series information, fanfiction, never-before-seen Production Notes, and lots more information. ("Who's Nanuk?" you ask. If you have to ask, you really don't want to know.) ^.~
Douzo! FanFiction.Net These people decided to delete my Gatchaman fanfics because they did not fit with their new politically correct "family friendly" atmosphere. Dweebs. Still plenty of Gatch fic here, sanitized for mass consumption. If you want my stuff undiluted, please go to...
Douzo! MediaMiner A newer collection of fan works, this site includes both fanfic and fan art, mostly anime, but from some other genres as well. You can find links to my writings and pictures (some of which are not available on this site due to mature content) here. Some of the material may not be suitable for younger viewers. If you don't wish to see adult-themed material, switch the "Adult Filter" to ON.
Douzo! Rence and Frankie's Gatchaman Page More information on our favorite series, with a link to Condor Joe's Trailer. ^.^,v.. Oi, Condor, if I follow you home will you keep me?
Douzo! Ayako's Production Diaries A not-very-reverent-but-funny-as-hell perspective on the episodes we know and love so well, as documented by someone seeing unedited Gatch for the first time. Ossu, Ayako-chan! Gambatte yo! ^.^,v..
Douzo! Veronika's Gatchaman Site Series info, screenshots, summaries for Gatchaman I and II and a lot more. Veronika also hosts the Net's largest Gatchaman fanfic archive.
Douzo! JQL Presents... Naa-Dei Nikoi's G-Force, Guardians of Space page. Plenty of information about the "other" Americanization of Gatchaman, including character profiles, an episode list and a behind-the-scenes peek as to how G-Force came to be, as well as G-Force fanfic (rare as it is). Naa-Dei is a fantastic writer of bird people fic and it's about time she got a website. Whoo hoo! ^.^,v..
Douzo! Gatchamania Lively discussion, freeform roleplay and general chatter are the order of the day on this message forum. Lots of fun!
Douzo! The Eagle's Lair A Microsoft Network group dedicated to...aww, you figure it out. Regularly scheduled chats, message boards, and fanfic and fanart archives. Over 100 members so far.
Douzo! The Kit Katze Klub Another MSN group to which I belong, this one maintained by the same person who runs the Gatchamania site. Watch out for the wild Condor. ^^;;;
Douzo! Ang's Gatchaman Links List Umm...a list of Gatchaman links, duh. Very easy to navigate, much better than this one, organized by category.
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