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All these pictures were done prior to 2000. My more recent works are here.

This is what most people know me for--my scribblings and scratchings. This is by no means an exhaustive gallery, but it's a pretty good sampling of twenty years of artistic obsession.

My art style was heavily influenced by Gatchaman, and to this day, it shows in all my work. Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

The original of this picture graced my wall for years A copy of the very first picture I ever drew of the Condor. The original was poster size and graced my bedroom wall for many, many years. Sadly, it has long since gone the way of the dodo.
Miya as she originally appeared This was a companion piece of sorts to the picture above--a recreation of my first picture of the Savage Redhead.
Don't you love that baleful glare of his? A standard G-2 glare.
Boot to the head! Miya doing what she loves best--kicking Galactors in the face.
That bracelet goes off at the worst times... That damned activator goes off at the worst times...
I don't like Mondays Ken has a hard time getting started in the morning on Mondays. ^.^
Pretty boy Ken He's definitely a hot flash, though, isn't he?
Eagle in black leather Ken in a black leather jacket.
A peek into the future, maybe? A glimpse into the future of Mr. and Mrs. Washio, and their firstborn son, Kenji.
What so many of us have been waiting to see--Eagle and Swan sucking face! So, Eagle Scout, does the Swan still have her tonsils? XD
Hangin' out at the Snack I don't think Jun really cares what Ken's talking about, do you? So long as he keeps talking...
Awwwwwww...! Just a sweet little moment when nobody else is looking.
Makes no difference who you are When you wish upon a star...Ken and Jun their first night at the Cygnus Lodge.
Let's go back to bed The morning after the wedding night. Who knew Gatchaman was a snuggler?
Best friends forever Yes, Joe and Jun love each other, but they're siblings, not lovers. Get over it.
Swan in shadow Swan noir. ^.^
Jun looking doubtful Jun giving someone The Look. ("Are you REALLY sure you want to be doing that...?")
The Swan spreading her wings Must have been a long mission...
Swan smiling Psst! Jun's giving Ken a sappy look again! Quick, Jinpei, get the camera!
Who says Joe can't be pretty? Okay, either the Condor's about to get lucky, or somebody's about to die.
The profile The profile we all know and love...
When I see you smile You know, the redhead's really gone on that Sicilian.
A day at the beach--Joe doesn't look impressed Okay, Joe has bad memories about beaches and Miya hates them on principle. What they're doing here I have no clue.
A tender moment One of those all-too-fleeting tender moments.
Get a little closer Yes, Miya DOES still have that scar.
Just hanging out (does Joe look a little rough in this shot?) Joe looks a little worse for wear in this must be pretty late in the first series.
Katze unmasked Katze unmasked and a little bit crazed.
Onna Katze Onna Katze looking pensive.
Looking very tired Okay, now Joe's starting to look REALLY rough here.
Let her cry Miya doesn't cry very often...
Saraba, cara Miya Joe's farewell to his redhead. This is right before he punches her lights out.
The Savage Redhead Wunan calls Miya a "female redhaired version of Ken". She does bear a striking resemblance to her brother here, doesn't she?
Sibs Brother and sister (is it just me, or is Miya having a REALLY bad hair day here?).
If you can't tell your sister... Ken and Miya at their mother's grave.
Don't ask about the heels, I have no clue Basically this is just a concept picture--I just can't see Miya in those heels.
He says that inside I'm hiding Miya with short hair.
And here I stand Showing off her scar--it's proof she's a survivor.
A day at the races Miya at the racetrack (think Joe's admiring the view?).
Even the OAVs aren't safe from the redhead's presence A rare glimpse of OAV Miyae with OAV Joe up against the wall. He doesn't look worried to me.
Ripped off from a cologne advertisement I ripped the pose from an advert for Gravity cologne.
Another stolen perfume ad From an Ecstasy advert.
The light that brings a smile A "sequel" to the famous Joe-with-a-beer-can pinup pic by Ippei Kuri.
I'll take your breath away This is how a lot of people picture these two...^^
What if Miya reverted to type...? This is an older version of one of the vital scenes from "Little Earthquakes", just before the story was written.
My heart is like the ocean This was inspired by a Tori Amos lyric from "Take to the Sky".

If you want to download these images for personal use, that's perfectly okay with me. If you want to post any of these images on your own site, that's absolutely cool too, provided you let me know it's there and give credit where credit is due. Under NO circumstances should you claim these images as your own (though if you want to do art based on the poses, it's not like I can stop you--just make sure you're not just "modifying" my art, but doing a completely new work, hm?).

For my new pictures (done from April 2002 onwards), please go here.

E-mail me with any comments or suggestions. And don't forget to sign my scrapbook before you leave! ^.^,v..

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