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I love doing fanart. I started drawing Gatchaman back in the late 1970s and I haven't really stopped since. In fact, my art style was heavily influenced by the bird people and to this day I have some trouble drawing "normal" anime. Each of the thumbnails below is only a small portion of the whole picture; click on a thumbnail to go to the full-sized image. Warning--most of these images are wallpaper size for my resolution (1024x768), so they may take some time to load. Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page. Please do not post these images anywhere else, but please link freely to this page!

This is an image of my fanfic character, Miyae, as a "Flower Girl" assassin (a cadre of killers created to rival Katse's Devil Stars).
A scene from "We'll See How Brave You Are", wherein Joe tries to find out whether Ken's newfound sister is for real.
From Gatchaman #104-105, where a dying Joe is Katse's prisoner.
From a flashback in "Past the Mission".
From the end of Gatchaman Fighter.
A drunk and suicidal Miya gets the surprise of her life.
The title says "I saw the Firebird!". There went her buzz...
Miya finds Ken and the others alive in a burned-out crater in front of her house. Oh, and naked. XD
From the last scene of "Past the Mission".
From the first scene of "Little Earthquakes".
Another scene from "Little Earthquakes", where Miya finally suffers the fate of the Condor's Curse which befalls all Joe's women.
The lyrics are from Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work".
The last thing you want to do is piss off Gatchaman.
No. Really. We mean it. When we say "burning rage", we mean it most religiously.
Miya does the one thing none of Joe's other women ever did--she gets better.
Finally--finally! Joe gets his "happy ever after".
Ken and Jun's son and daughter, Kenji and Kayuri. Notice Kayuri's "Yuna" like eyes. Just don't tease her; she's sensitive, and her big brother is protective. (They don't call him "One-Punch Washio" at school for nothing.)
Joe's brood. Akiko is the oldest, followed by Julian, Val, Angel, then the baby, Kimi.
The first picture I drew of Joe this century.
A picture with two inspirations: the song by Saliva and a poster for the Japanese independent film "Bang".
"My name is Giorgio Asakura. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
Shhh...don't squeal, you'll wake him up.
Aww, you woke him up! Oh, well, he's still cute when he's like this.
I think Joe has had just about enough of being Ken's punching bag for one night...don't you?
An image inspired by an illustration in a shoujo manga. Don't ask me which right now.
Hey, OAV Joe got a shower scene. Doesn't the original deserve one too? (Bare butt alert!)
Joe's usual "seat" at briefings.
Several pictures later, Joe's STILL not awake. He must not have had his coffee yet.
Joe on a stool at the Snack. Yes, I know it's the Gatch II set and he's wearing Gatch I civvies. Give me a break.
A replica of a hand-drawn poster I had on my wall for years and years back in the 80s. It has long since disappeared, but I remembered the pose pretty well, I think.
We're getting to the sappy-romantic-Joe-and-Miya pics. You can skip these if you want to.
"Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a brave knight who rode a black steed and had wings of midnight blue. With his brothers and sister he protected the land and its people, and there was a girl who loved him very, very much."
Kissing in the rain. *sighhh*
GOD, Joe is so damn sexy in this pic. Miya's not the only one who worships him. *.*
This pic was inspired by a video box cover for the movie "Naked Killer 2" (great pic, lousy movie). Suggested nudity alert (but nothing shows, honest).
A very James Bond movie poster-style picture with Joe and Miya on a mountain during a storm.
Don't ask me why he's crying.
What it says. Duh.
A man, a woman, and their favorite ladder.
Miya: "Joe? What is that paparazzi doing?"
Joe: "Taking his last breath."
A character-design-style sheet with Miyae's vital statistics, if you're interested.
What the redhead might have looked like if Gatchaman's character designer, Yoshitaka Amano, had drawn her.
Miya in her black catsuit holding a gun. Yes, she can use one.
No, that is not Ken. Look closer. An illustration from "Putting the Damage On" in the fanfiction section.
I think Nambu just told Joe he couldn't fire the Bird Missile.
A saucy little pic inspired by a cover from the "Fresh Darling" tankouban, and also by the Joan Jett/Paul Westerberg rendition of the suggestive Cole Porter standard, "Let's Do It".
Just two guys sittin' around talkin'.
Well, Joe got his shower scene...Eagles demand equal time. (What IS he smiling about??)
A lovely pic of Jun, doing what she does best--looking beautiful.
Looks like the Condor has cornered himself a redhead. Looks like the redhead isn't likely to complain. ^.~
Joe Asakura is accosted by an unidentified female admirer after his victory at the Suzuki 500 stock car race.
Her: "What a beautiful day. We should go outside and do something."
Him: "Dude...what are those $&%^ers doing to my CAR?!"
If you've seen or heard about Han Ahn Soon's new retro-style clothing line, you may already know about the (in)famous picture of Jun in a sparkly thong. I thought the boys (and we fangirls who love them) deserved equal time.
Poor Condor...the temptation to use that cable gun must be overwhelming. XD
A much more serious picture of Joe looking pensive. Don't you just want to go up and hug him?
This picture, personally, makes me want to do MORE than just hug him. (Careful, Giorgio, don't pull on those jeans too hard or you're going to blow our PG-13 rating here.) ^^;;;
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