So what is a "filksong"? Legend has it that at a science fiction convention many years ago, a typo on the schedule listed a "folksinging" session as "filksinging", and the name stuck. Is this true? Beats me, Bwana. The point is that the term "filk" has come to mean songs written specifically for fandom, particularly parodies of popular or traditional songs (hey, if you already know the tune, then all you need is a typewritten printout of the words--handy at cons and such). Filks are meant to be sung along with; prima donnas aren't allowed in the circle.

Filks can be funny, sad, angry, celebratory, or otherwise--just like any other music genre. Most of my filks turn out pretty dayum serious, just be warned. Funny filks are marked "Humor", so you'll know that you're supposed to laugh at them. ^^;;

Some of you might notice that in most of these, some of the original lyrics remain unchanged. My reasoning behind this is quite simple, really. In my not so humble opinion, if you're going to "filk" a song, it should bear some resemblance to the original. By the same token, if at least half the original lyrics aren't changed, what's the point? Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go grab a guitar and a fake book, print out a few of these, get thee to a local Gatchafan gathering, and party on!

The Songs


Heroes With Wings
On The Wings Of An Eagle
Pretty Shy (For A Wild Guy) Humor


B.C. Island
Condor Joe
Condor Joe the Hero
Don't Let It Push You
Final Thoughts
Hate in Your Heart
Joe Has Nifty Guns Sorry, Mel, couldn't resist
Joe's Acknowledgements
Pretty Good...
The End
Thoughts on the Death of Condor Joe


The Swan's Lullaby
White Swan


Jinpei's Defense


Song of an Owl Junkie

The whole team:

Love Letters from a Gatchafan
What's It Like?


Building a Monstermech
Last Words of an Overambitious Underling
Lord Katze
On The Way Down

Supporting characters:

Father Alan

Miscellaneous ramblings:

G-Force Shining Anthem Humor
Hard to Please Humor
Joe & Katze Humor. Keep telling yourself that. HUMOR.
The Song Of A Hopeful G-6
Yet Another Translation?

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