Other Redheads

While Miya has gotten the most "exposure" as my Gatchaman-based avatar, she is not the only redhead wandering around in my written and shared fantasies. No, she's not even the first.

Robin Robin is Mark's older sister. She's another Galactic Security agent, and was once a member of G-Force. (Donald Wade replaced her when she was dismissed by Chief Anderson.) She went to Riga to help with the resistance and is there when her and Mark's father is murdered. While Mark deals with the murderer, Robin struggles to find out who set their father up and ultimately brought about Riga's downfall. This story is told in Refugees from Riga
Angel Goodheart Angel Goodheart is Ace's older sister, who was kidnapped as a baby and raised as a Galactor. She was rescued by the G-Force team (who knew they were looking for Ace's sister, strangely enough, before they even found her) and is trying to lead a normal life. It's a real shame her past won't leave her alone, and she has some secrets she hasn't shared even with her own brother.
Poppy the Pop Idol Poppy is a pop idol singer from the 94 OAV universe. She may or may not be related to Ken. She has contacts in the Galactor Syndicate who provide her with information that she incorporates into carefully-worded and bizarrely beautiful songs. By hiding in plain sight, Poppy manages to avoid detection...for a while.
Scarlet Harris Scarlet Harris is Hunter's big sister. She and Hunter aren't on speaking terms due to some serious bad blood between them, which in turn puts a serious constraint on her on-again, off-again relationship with Joe Thax.

None of these pictures are mine. They're modified images:
"Robin": Kei from Dirty Pair (dojinshi painting).
"Angel": Pandora (comic book cover).
"Poppy": The android girl from "Presence" (screencap from "Robot Carnival").
"Scarlet": Ken Washio (screencap from "Gatchaman"--II or F, I think).

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