She's a pretty girl, does she make you think nasty thoughts?
She's a pretty girl, do you want to tie her down?
She's a pretty girl, do you call her a bitch?
She's a pretty girl, did she sleep with your whole town?
Pretty girl, pretty girl...
Do you hate her
'Cause she's pieces of you...?

--Jewel, "Pieces Of You"

Most Mary Sues are pretty. Not all, granted, but most are. If you're going to dream up an "ideal" version of yourself, you're going to give that "ideal" persona the hair, and eyes, and body, you've always wanted but could never have in real life. She's going to be tall (or petite) and thin (or curvy) the way you've always dreamt of being. She's going to have fabulous hair and gorgeous eyes and smooth skin and a lovely voice. She's going to be able to fix a warp-drive engine with a hairpin and conjure up a world-saving mega-spell with a wren's feather and a handful of ashes. Most of all, everybody's going to love her, because don't we all want that most of all?

Almost every fanfic writer starts out writing Mary Sueish fiction. You know how it goes. You fall in love with a fandom, you get to know the world and the characters, and you just ache to get in on the fun, so you place yourself in that world wherever you can find room (if necessary, you make room). Maybe the new character is just an alternate version of you--same name and everything, only better. Or maybe she's all the things you ever wished you were, with a name you wished you'd been born with, and the red hair and green eyes you've always wanted, and able to pilot a starship through a black hole single-handed without so much as scratching the paint.

Some fanfic writers wean themselves away from original characters entirely. Others develop original characters that are still extensions of themselves, but with carefully-programmed flaws and shortcomings that make them more real and more appealing. Still others quit writing fanfiction altogether, embarrassed by their early experiences.

I've done all of the above, and then some. I have some fandoms in which I write where I would never dream of inserting a "personal" character--either the universe is too crowded and can't accommodate another "star", or I once did have a Mary Sueish character that I'd rather forget ever existed. >.< In others, I never had a Mary Sue avatar, but I do have and write for characters created by myself and others, and while I do indulge in some wish-fulfillment it's not the main focus of the story.

Kielle's musings on Mary Sue and her reasons for being woke up some long-stilled voices in my head. Most importantly, a tiny, delicate-looking redhaired Weapons Officer opened her golden eyes, sat up, straightened her original Starfleet uniform and said "It's about TIME you remembered me!"

After a month of struggle, I have given up hope of quieting her and her sisters. I might as well introduce them to the world at large.

For those of you who have Kisekae viewers, there are KiSS dolls of each of these characters. If you don't know what Kisekae is, check out Dov Sherman's The Big KiSS Page.

What follows is a listing of several of my personal characters (some Mary Sue, some not, some borderline), with bios and a portrait of the KiSS doll for each. If that's not enough for you, there is even some fanfic for selected characters. Not all of it's up just yet, though.

Cherry Flame
Jamie MacGregor
Miryoko Kagami
Miyae Washio
Pearl Kenyon
Silver Starr

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There will be additions in the future. For now, enjoy! ^.^,v..

~~Emby Quinn

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