NAME: Chaos Discordia (ChaDi, pronounced "Katie")
GENRE: Wherever she wants to be
DESCRIPTION: Medium height, medium build, short dark hair, wide grayish-green eyes. Mischievous smile. Wears only shades of gray.
HISTORY: ChaDi is the personification of the principle of Chaos. Eternally young, eternally playful, she can make anything happen. She is neither good nor evil, malevolent nor beneficial. She is very fond of humans, however, and usually manages to bend the rules in order to help them.
CURRENT STATUS: I swear, ChaDi has been around for a VERY long time...! I had never even HEARD of the Endless before creating her. She still makes random appearances in my games, usually when I need something to throw the plotline a curve. She's not a real Mary Sue because she started out as one of the gods in my D&D pantheon (the goddess of luck, chaos, gambling and random chance) but she has grown into the personification of Chaos itself. Her twin, the personification of Order, is not nearly as well defined and is almost never seen.

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