NAME: Washio Miyae
GENRE: Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman
DESCRIPTION: Magnificently tall, lean and long-limbed. Short crop of red hair, blue eyes, Asian cast to features. Body language and language phrasing decidedly masculine.
HISTORY: Older sister of Ken Washio, kidnapped as a toddler and raised as a Galactor. Rescued at age 20 by the Science Ninja, soon fell in love with Ken's teammate, Condor Joe...just in time for him to die on her at Cross Karacolm.
CURRENT STATUS: Still very active and very much "alive". She started out as a rabid Mary Sue and has developed into a full, rich character over the past two decades (real time, people). Sure, she's in love with my favorite Gatch character (but he ends up dying at the end of the series, so I don't feel too bad about it). She has plenty of faults--she's lousy at social interaction, she has trouble expressing her feelings, she can't drive, and she can't shoot worth a damn. She's good at hand-to-hand combat though, and she's a great acrobat/gymnast. She's also quite attractive, although she's hardly drop-dead-gorgeous. She's probably my favorite character, and she's certainly the most well-rounded. If I have an avatar, Miya's it.
If you'd like to learn more about the Savage Redhead, click here to visit Miya's Loft! She'd love to see you, and she has a lot of pretty pictures to show you and quite a few stories to tell.

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