NAME: Silver Starr (Silvania Stalivaris)
GENRE: Speed Racer
DESCRIPTION: 5'4", medium build. Silvery-white hair, just past shoulder length, wavy. Wide gray-blue eyes. Motorcycle daredevil/stuntrider. Steals Speed away from Trixie (but that's okay because Trix was sneaking around with Sparky behind Speed's back).
HISTORY: Silvania's mother was British nobility who ran away with a Gypsy circus acrobat. Both died in a fire when Silvania was small; the fire traumatized Silver for life and to this day she can't stand fire. She rented out the apartment over the Racers' garage that once belonged to Rex.
CURRENT STATUS: Pretty much retired, but I still think of her with great fondness. She has made cameo appearances in a few of my offline RPGs. ^.^
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