NAME: Muriah
GENRE: Star Trek (original series)
DESCRIPTION: Petite, well-built redhead, golden-green eyes. Just under 5 feet tall. Weapons Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, maintaining weapons and defense systems. Wears a gold uniform because she's also a helm operator (and because the Engineering uniform would clash with her hair).
HISTORY: Muriah is a native of Ilyria VI. Ilyrians are substantially human, but live much longer and are smaller and not as physically strong (very tough though--can take a lot of swatting around, almost never gets seriously injured, and is immune to most toxins and diseases).
CURRENT STATUS: Muriah was my very first "personal" character--oh, okay, okay, my very first Mary Sue ever. I wrote pages and pages of stories with her as the heroine, and trashed them when I "graduated" to more mature fiction. Still, I remember her fondly, and she DID have some shortcomings...then again, she also ended up with the ultimate ST:TOS Mary Sue lust object (hint: he's got pointed ears).
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