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I've been making dolls online for almost five years now and I don't see myself quitting anytime soon. I make KiSS doll sets as well as cartoon dolls, and here you will find links to my KiSS filesets as well as to cartoon dolls you can adopt and bases for both KiSS dolls and cartoon dolls so you can make your own. There are informative links here, too.

Please read my Frequently Asked Questions page before emailing me with any questions you might have about my dolls or about KiSS in general! Thanks.

I have chosen to post my KiSS filesets for download. You may access them here. Please note that most of these dolls can be undressed (although none are X- or even R-rated). If naked Barbies offend you, don't download my dolls. Much thanks to my baby sister, webmistress of kodoku.org. I feel so loved. ^.^

For those who like cartoon dolls (or "dollz" as they're sometimes called), you can find my creations here.

drag and drop
A drag and drop silent doll maker with all the pieces made by me. Thanks to Trinity of Trinity's Tinies for helping me with the script.

For those who have been asking me for an explanation of how KiSS dollsets are made: here is a detailed explanation, step-by-step, of how I do KiSSage. If you're a beginner using Windows, it should prove helpful. Be sure to check out the information on the Big KiSS Page, too, including Dov's detailed KiSS walk-through and King In Yellow's excellent instructional sets (How to CNF and How to French KiSS)!

I would like to help up-and-coming KiSS artists in any way I can, so here are my old templates. They're free for anyone to use, provided that you give me proper credit for designing the template. That's fair, don't you think?

Yes, I'm open-minded, and yes, even I have places which I will not go. Here is a list of KiSS sets I won't do even if you offer to pay me. So don't bother asking.

People like my stuff, so I must be doing something right. This is a little page where I show off the awards people give me. It's pure vanity, I know, but if somebody cares enough to give me an award, I really ought to display it, shouldn't I?
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