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My other sites

Time and Again
My Highlander fanfiction (I am such a Methos fangirl).

Place of Being
Solid proof of years of obsession with the anime/manga Dragon Ball Z.

Emby Quinn's
Quick and Easy
Fashion Doll Clothes
Yes, indeed, Emby does KiSS-type stuff in real life too, with dolls she's really too old to play with.

A Gatchaman fanfiction page, with other tidbits of interest besides. If you ever wanted to learn more about the Savage Redhead (my oldest roleplaying character, at 21 years active and counting), here's the place to go.

by Night
The website for my offline GURPS Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle.

My friends' sites

My meichan's page, she's a fabulous artist and just a tres cool person, go there.
My little sister's page, featuring tons of stuff, including a lot of my own fanart.
Maintained by Tiarra, this is her very wistfully beautiful personal page. In terms of content, web design and sheer visual appeal, she kicks my sorry ass all over the Net. Go see and be amazed.

Kisekae Set System Sites

The home for all things otaku, including the Big KiSS Page, Accursed Toys Kamishibai, and a lot more. If you're looking for information about anime, this is the place to go. To download most of the dolls and game programs requires a paid subscription, but the online listing of KiSS dolls (including links to most artist sites) is free. You can also download the latest KiSS viewer for your platorm and KiSS-creating tools without needing to subscribe. So what are you still reading this for? Go already!

flowers for the dead dot com
The lair of the creator of Tasha, Vixen, Midnight, and other cool dolls. Her page surpasses mine and has lots of her lovely artwork all over it.

FKiSS Tutorial
A brilliant tutorial from a very good online mate of mine. Covers everything from the bare-bones basics of constructing a set to animation tips, how to manage colors, transparencies--oh, just go take a look, and you'll probably find out anything you need to know about making your first KiSS set. I even learned a few things. Thanks, Z-man. *mwah*

PlayFKiSS Home Page
If you're on Windows, PFK is the viewer to get. Chad Randall is a KiSS guru.

Cartoon dolls

The Originz Of Dollz
This is innocents' page, the chick who originated the "cartoon dolls" craze. Yes, really. I tracked her down for you. Despite the fact that so many "cartoon dolls" are preppy in style, innocents herself is--surprise!--goth. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes...

Raspberi's Doll House
Raz doesn't do your average cartoon dolls. She's got party girls, formal babes, and she's usually running a contest to enter and/or vote on. She also has a lot of original body bases for those who like to experiment.

Trinity's Tinies
The site of my practically-next-door-neighbor, Trinity. Not only do we live in the same city, we live in the same ZIP code. And yet we never realized it until a few months ago! How weird is that? She makes fantastic dolls, too. Go see!

The Dollhouse
A fun place to hang out for those who like to make, edit, collect or just look at cartoon dolls. Visitors welcome--hey, they let me go there. =B

The Dollhouse Webring
A webring for those who just can't get enough of dolls. Maintained by Trinity Kiss of

Other sites I frequent

My favorite search engine, bar none. Not only does it find just about anything just about anywhere, but it keeps caches of web pages so even if a page is taken down, you can still access the cache version (the text, anyway) for a little while longer.

Kult Movies Maximus
Aylmer's great B-movie and Euro-cult film page, with tons of reviews, including a few by yours truly. There are also film stills, an illustrated "who's who" of cult movies, and more.

Kult Movies Maximus
Aylmer's great B-movie and Euro-cult film page, with tons of reviews, including a few by yours truly. There are also film stills, an illustrated "who's who" of cult movies, and more.

Dark Side of the Net
The biggest, most comprehensive listing of dark-themed and/or "spooky" pages. Yes, I'm in there, under "Gothic People" (go fig).

Slack and Hash's Domain
This is a site dedicated to the first CGI animated program to get it right. I'm talking about ReBoot, of course. Lots of lovely content, including episode transcripts, image galleries, shrines to the viruses we know and love, contests, a forum, and some other stuff.

Darwin Awards
If you feel like you've done something extraordinarily dumb, visit this place and you'll feel better. This is a site dedicated to the memories of people who have paid the ultimate price for their own stupidity. May we all learn from their fatal mistakes.

Gaia Online
An anime chat forum like no other. The whole site centers around these cute little chat avatars you get to dress up and stuff. It's more fun than it sounds, and a lot more addictive than you might think. Tell 'em Ashes of Roses sent you.
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