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Some people can draw human figures; some can't. Some people can draw by hand, but not on the computer. And some people just have more fun creating hairstyles and pretty clothes than drawing the base figure. That's why I'm offering here the blank doll templates I started out using when I first began making KiSS doll sets. They're simple, proportionate and surprisingly versatile. I don't use these anymore for KiSS, so help yourselves. If you create something from these templates, please let me know if you post them on the Web so I can take a look. I love to see what people make these into!

These templates are "modular"--that means that you can switch arms and legs around from one template to another to get a pose you like. You can even flip selections to make a left arm a right arm, and so on. The torso and head are always the same, so all you have to do is match up the lines.

You don't have to ask my permission before using any of these templates for web dolls, adoptions, graphics, whatever. All I ask in return is that you put a link back to my site (http://embyquinn.tripod.com) somewhere on the same page as the graphic. This can either be a text link, or you may use this button:


That way if anyone else wants to make a graphic using one of my templates, they can find their way here easily and don't have to bug you about it.

If you use any of these templates in a KiSS set, please give me credit in the documentation. Something like "Template created by Emby Quinn". It can be a comment line in the CNF file or a mention in a "readme" text file. A link to my site isn't necessary in the case of a KiSS set--most people into KiSS know who Emby Quinn is by now (heh).

I have also developed a standard color palette which is specifically designed to handle a number of various gradients. It even has color 0 set as a neutral color (olive drab blue-green). If you would like to download the palette, please click the image below to access the .zip file. The archive contains a KCF file, the image shown below, a .PSP palette file, and a Photoshop color table.

Female Templates

Male Templates

Please note that there are no gender-specific anatomical details on any of these dolls. That's because not everyone cares for nudity. If you want the dolls to be anatomically correct, it's not that hard to modify them appropriately.

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