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This was going to be a Top Ten list (a serious one, as serious as I get, anyway), but I couldn't think of ten sets that I wouldn't do. I thought about it a lot. Really. For five whole minutes maybe. I still couldn't come up with more than I've got here. Am I open-minded or just lacking in experimental vision? I'll take "open-minded" for $250, Alex...

What follows is a list of types of KiSS sets I will never, never, never do, even if you paid me, so don't bother asking because I won't even respond to the request (love that DELETE key in my mailbox). Really. I mean it. Well, I don't usually respond to requests of any sort because I don't do requests, but not only will I not respond to requests for the types of dolls below, I'll make fun of the people requesting these subjects in front of my friends. Okay? Ready? Let's do it.

NO "Rape" sets. I love Asian cultures, particularly Japanese. One of the few things I truly despise about Asian society in general is the precept that "good girls don't". Girls are expected to scream, cry and protest when her guy makes a move on her, even if she's willing. If she enjoys herself during sex, she's a wanton slut. This whole "no-meaning-yes" philosophy is responsible for too many date rapes. No means NO, guys, and if you don't believe it, you're going to end up with your kintama in your throat courtesy of my kneecap. ^.~ So, no sets from Emby where the girls scream, cry and protest when you tug at their underwear. (Scowl, yes. Blush, okay. Nothing more than that.)

NO Torture sets. Bondage is one thing, actually hurting someone another. Riding crops, manacles, blindfolds and handcuffs are cool when used effectively, but razor wire whips and smoking firebrands are right out, Homer. And while we're at it...

NO "Snuff" sets. A KiSS set featuring Kenny from South Park or Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is not what I consider a "snuff" set. For those who don't know, the term "snuff" originated from the title of a really bad, really cheesy Grade-Z "slasher" film from the 1970s that purported (falsely) to show the actual onscreen murder of a young actress. It was fake, of course, but since then an entire urban mythology has sprung up around the myth of movies that are made by some vast, nonexistent underground that kidnaps young girls and murders them for entertainment. A "snuff" KiSS set would have the elements of a snuff film--an ordinary person, usually a beautiful female, tied up and tortured to death with various implements (knives, hacksaws, etc.), complete with spraying blood and/or cries of anguish. Kenny and Johnny and the Doomed Kitty and their ilk are cartoon characters and are never represented as actual persons. That sort of dark humor is disturbing to some, but it's light-years away from sets where you can "kill" the character and watch her death throes as she expires. I've seen them. They're just plain sick. No, never, uh-uh, no effen way. And if you like that kind of set, seek psychiatric help immediately.

NO Sets involving nude children. Sorry, no Hotaru, Chibi-Usa, or any other characters under the age of consent who are anatomically correct. I've done a few adult-oriented sets, and adults in my sets are usually nude when you take all their clothes off, but all kids in my sets have their underwear not just STAPLED on, but DRAWN on (see Caitlin). Yes, I realize that nudity and sexuality are distinct concepts and that a nude child is not (or at the very least should never be) an object of sexual interest. This is just a personal preference of mine because I don't want some greasy pedophile using any of my sets to get their twisted jollies (child pornography/hentai makes me yarf) and that's one point on which I have no intention of budging. It's my work, it's my choice, and there's an end to it.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. If I come across anything else I won't do, I'll let you guys know.

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