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"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire

I put up this page to voice a very strong and seemingly unpopular opinion: that Treize Khushrenada and Chang Wu Fei from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" are not, nor have they ever been, nor would they ever be lovers under any circumstances.

This pairing--known as "13x5" in GW fan shorthand (or, more rarely, 5x13, if Wu Fei is considered the instigator)--simply makes no sense to me considering what we know about the two supposed participants. Moreover, it just plain bothers me.

Mind you, I am not a homophobe. I personally believe that all primates, including humans, are inherently bisexual--if it gets us off, we'll boink it. Male, female, small fuzzy thing from Alpha Centauri--barring social taboos, anything goes. So male/male pairings don't bother me any more than female/female--or male/female, for that matter. It's all the same to me. The personalities involved are, to me, more important than the respective genders, and that's one of the things that hangs me up about 13x5.

First, let's consider Treize Khushrenada, the leader of the OZ secret police who eventually becomes the self-appointed ruler of the Earth. He's 24 years old, single, very handsome, strangely charming, and quite honorable, respecting even his fallen enemies to the point of memorizing not only the number of people he has killed, but also their names. People seem to think he's a homosexual because he's severely well-mannered and he likes roses and bubble baths. His sexual orientation is never made absolutely clear, although he does seem to have more personal affection for Milliard Peacecraft, aka Zechs Merquise, than for his own aide, Lady Une. However, were he so inclined to seek sexual satisfaction with males, there were plenty in OZ; he'd hardly have to resort to pursuing unwilling enemy Gundam pilots.

Which brings us to Chang Wu Fei. He's a 15-year-old Gundam pilot who blames Treize Khushrenada--rightly or wrongly--for the death of his equally young bride, Chang Meiran, as well as for the destruction of his colony and the obliteration of his clan. Throughout the series his only thought is for justice--or vengeance--for his dead people. In the final climactic confrontation between Earth forces and the White Fang rebels, he breaks off from the main conflict to go confront Treize--who is, purportedly, fighting on the same side as the Gundam pilots--to claim his revenge or die in the attempt. It's only after the battle, which ends in Treize's death, that Wu Fei realizes how misguided he's been, and when he weeps, it's uncertain whether he's crying for the waste of Treize's life, or for that of his own.

So what are my primary objections to the pairing of Treize and Wu Fei, commonly known in GW fan circles as "13x5" (or much more rarely "5x13" if Wu Fei is considered the instigator)?

  • The age factor. Treize is 24 when we first see him. Wu Fei is 15. That's 9 years' difference, and a sexual relationship between a boy in his mid-teens and an adult male in his mid-20s just seems wrong to me. If Treize were 17, say, or even 19...or if Wu Fei were might not be so bad. As it is, it just squicks me big time.

  • When could it have happened? There was never a time during the Gundam Wing storyline where Treize and Wu Fei could have gotten together for a tryst. They only meet face to face twice that I can remember--once for a duel (Wu Fei lost, but Treize let him live and escape), and again during the final battle (when they were each in their mobile suits and fighting to the death). I don't think either occasion left much time for intimacy, do you?

  • He might be willing, but would he? The general consensus is that Treize desires Wu Fei sexually. There is no overt evidence of this, but even if it were true, it's plain from the start that Wu Fei resents Treize deeply and has sworn to destroy him. Therefore, even if Treize wanted to have sex with Wu Fei, Wu Fei would have objected, which would have left Treize with no alternative but one. I don't see Treize as a rapist, do you? Sure, Wu Fei showed regret after Treize's death, but it was a little late then, and he still didn't show any sexual attraction--merely remorse, if that.

    You might notice that none of these objections brings the sexual orientation of either party into question. I personally believe that Treize is probably homosexual (I mean, I don't know a single straight man who likes bubble baths), and that Wu Fei is probably heterosexual (given his strong traditional beliefs), but I don't feel those characterizations are written in stone. The sexual orientation of the characters is not, and should not be, the primary motivation for their actions. It's of interest to many fanfic writers, but not to the average viewer, so it's simply not addressed in the series itself. The producers of Gundam Wing themselves have said what amounts to "If you want them to be straight, they're straight. If you want them to be gay, they're gay." I consider that the final official word on the subject. This also means if you want Treize and Wu Fei to have wild hot monkey love, then that's your prerogative, and I won't try to change your views. I merely ask that you respect my feelings and interpretations as I would yours, even if we happen to disagree. That's not too much to ask, is it?

    Enough from me. Let's hear from the characters themselves on this very touchy subject.

    Wu Fei's viewpoint

    Treize's viewpoint

    Isn't it sort of scary when these two agree on anything? o.o;;;

    If you agree with my views, here's a button or three for you to use on your website that you can link back to this page--or you can link it to your own diatribe if you wish. The important thing to remember is NOT to get hostile or insulting towards people who support the 13x5 combination, but to counteract it with intelligent, thoughtful debate if you disagree with the premise. That way nobody's feelings should get hurt.

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