My name is Chang Wufei. I have been asked to explain why I would neither welcome nor initiate a sexual relationship with Treize Khushrenada. I find this a stupid question--something along the lines of "Why would you not jump into oncoming traffic and stand there waiting to be run over?". However, in the interests of free speech, I will comply.

Treize Khushrenada has been an enemy of mine for as long as I have known of the man's existence. Even so, he has always been an honorable man, and for that at least I can respect him. Such respect and regard between longtime enemies can, at times, be misunderstood by those who were raised in a Western culture, as can the deep trust and comradeship fellow warriors sometimes feel towards one another (which, incidentally, is often considered to be as rare and beautiful as romantic love, and as intense). These feelings are rarely, if ever, sexual in nature. It's difficult to share an intimate moment with someone who's trying to kill you.

There was never any opportunity for Treize and myself to become intimate, and even had there been, I for one would not have welcomed it. Even if I commonly had such feelings towards other men, why would I wish to have sex with the man responsible for the destruction of my home and my clan? Although I learned later that the death sentence for the L5 colony was not Treize's decision, at the time that was what I believed, and I hated him for it. My only thought was for justice--and, admittedly, revenge--for my murdered people.

The final obstacle to any theoretical liaison between Treize Khushrenada and myself is simply the fact that--well, he's dead. I can honestly say that I would have it otherwise, because in the end I discovered that I never wanted him dead at all. His death changed nothing, except for depriving the cosmos of a singularly honorable and well-respected man. My own feelings about the matter aside, it offends me that there are those who have such a low opinion of the man who would suggest that he would force his attentions on me whether I was willing or not. Such aspersions are an insult to Treize's character, more so because he can no longer defend himself against such accusations.

Enough. You have heard my views on the matter, and whether you agree or not is of no importance to me. I have had my say.

Chang Wufei