My Generic No-Frills Gundam Wing Fan Page

It finally happened. I became a Gundam Wing whore, no matter how hard I resisted. ^^;;; And now I'm going to torture the whole world with my obsession! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!!

The Fics:

Marionette A pampered, imprisoned beauty encounters an interloper from the Preventers. Zany hijinks ensue.

The Sound of Intervention Wu Fei's "guest" is more than she seems, and she could be a source of serious trouble for Heero.

Suspended in Gaffa A hacker threatens the worldwide computer network, but is he the real threat to world peace?

Inside Out Zechs goes undercover to find out what St. Simon's really up to--but has he gotten in over his head?

The Fanart:

Mlle. Dix In case you're curious what la belle jeune fille actually looks like.

The Rants:

Why Treize Would Never Boink Wu Fei ...or, at least, why I can't find any justification to a 13x5 pair-up.

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