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Artistic Visions by Emby Quinn

If you have a character, a dream, a fancy, an obsession that you would like to see translated into a piece of custom artwork--but don't have the ability or the motivation to create it for yourself--you're in luck. For a small fee, I am willing to do the work for you, to your exact specifications.

Sample Gallery

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.
All images watermarked and copyrighted.
Original images are much larger and of much higher quality.
Please do not download or display these images.
He's not a vampire.  Really. I want one... Not quite Hamtaro... Isn't she pretty? Oh my goth.
Blaze Allyndin

The samples above show work I have done most recently under commission. The following table displays a general price list. As you can see from the above sample listings, prices tend to fluctuate up or down depending on the subject matter, the complexity of the picture, whether there is a background or not, etc. Your mileage may vary.

Digital Art:

Image Price
Close-up (face/hair only) $10.00
Medium close-up (half figure) $15.00
Full shot (full body) $20.00
Additional character $5.00 extra
Genre-specific (books, video games, comics, anime, TV/film) Please inquire
A $5.00 deposit is required on all commission assignments.

At present I am able only to offer digital artwork on commission. When I can afford to get a scanner, I will also be offering hand-drawn pencil and ink art. At present, I can promise about a week's turnaround time between your order and the delivery of the finished art--probably much less, unless a lot of changes have to be made in the production stage. Finished art will be delivered as a high-quality bitmap file (.bmp), zipped or unzipped at the client's preference. I can also do a wide variety of other formats if requested to do so.

All prices are in US funds, payable by money order only. International customers, please contact me about possible payment alternatives.

For more examples of my work, and the variety of styles of which I am capable, you might want to visit the following online galleries:

Miya's Loft Gallery (Gatchaman fanart)
Sayuri's Pocket Monster Gallery (Pokemon fanart)
:.where the pretty girls are.: (cartoon doll site)
Kisekae sets

I am willing to accept a wide variety of subjects for commission, but there are a few assignments I cannot take on, and these are:

If you have any questions or would like to request a commission, please contact me at eloquently vague at aol dot com. In general, to do a satisfactory commission, I will need the following:

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