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Hello! You've found my Pokémon page! Welcome, come in, sit down, and don't mind Harley over there; he won't hurt you unless I tell him to.

Who am I? Well, if someone hasn't told you already (what a blabberMeowth!) I'm Gina Giovanni. My papa runs Team Rocket, or at least he did before he decided to go straight and shut down Team Rocket's illegal operations.

Unfortunately, a lot of Rocket operatives (like Butch and Cassidy, for instance) don't want my father to disband the organization. So I've taken it upon myself to reform every member of Team Rocket personally--or, if they refuse to listen to reason or mend their ways, to bring them to justice.

My father wouldn't want me to do this for him--he worries about me so much!--but I feel it's my duty as his only child. Besides, I have my own Pokémon to help me, so what could happen? Besides, it was boring being shut up in that stuffy old girls' boarding school anyway, at least until I made friends with the "ghost" that haunted the old belltower. With Harley's help, I've managed to assemble a pretty good team of Pokémon, and I think I'm doing well as a trainer.

I don't like a lot of people to know who I really am. Most of Team Rocket don't even know "the Boss" has a daughter, which suits me just fine. When I met up with Jessi and James, Meowth let my real name slip before I managed to shut him up. Now Jessi and James know my true identity, but they won't tell so long as I keep them out of jail.

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More stuff to come, honest for true! ^^;;;

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Gina's Page
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