The Six Pack

In my time as a Pokemon trainer, I've managed to battle and/or capture just about every known type of Pokemon on the planet. However, there are a half dozen in particular who are the most special to me, and I wouldn't dream of facing an important match without their Pokeballs on my belt. Please allow me to introduce the Pokemon I affectionately refer to as the "Six Pack".

Harley the Haunter Harley was my very first Pokemon, but I didn't exactly "capture" him. When I was a student at the conservatory, it was rumored that the belltower was haunted. Not believing such nonsense, I claimed the belltower as a quiet place to read and be by myself. Soon enough I found out I wasn't alone up there at all. Instead of frightening me, Harley became my first and only real friend at that school, and gave me the idea to become a trainer. We haven't been apart since those days.
Phoenix the Fearow The first Pokemon I actually caught was a Spearow, in the grasses just outside of Pewter City. Even then, Phoenix was a fierce fighter, and had no fear of opponents many times her size! Once she even brought down a Bug Catcher's whole crew single-handedly (singled-wingedly?). Once she evolved into a Fearow, there was literally no stopping her. She's become a master of the Fly attack. There isn't much she can't dodge, and her Fury Attack leaves most opponents in the dust.
Mikey the Gyarados Okay, sure, so my first Water element Pokemon was a Magikarp. I took my share of ragging from other trainers about that, too. It's true that Magikarp isn't a very strong fighter, and it takes a lot of work to train them up high enough to evolve. My secret? I always placed Mikey at the head of my party when it came time to battle. He'd pop out in the first turn and then I'd pull him out and send in Harley or Phoenix instead, letting Mikey watch the rest of the battle. That way he gained experience without risking a single scale off his hide. Before I knew it, he was chewing up the competition and spitting it out. (Why do I call him Mikey? Because he'll eat anything. ^.^)
Evie the Eevee I got Evie as a gift from Bill, the Pokemaniac. Evie didn't want to be evolved into any of the usual final forms, so Bill had no use for her--but I love Evie for herself. Don't ever let anybody talk you into evolving your Pokemon if you don't want to! Sure, you might get a big boost in hit points or certain abilities, but keeping your Pokemon at a lower evolution has its benefits, too. And you should always take your Pokemon's feelings into consideration, of course. They're not just fighting machines, they're living creatures--smart living creatures--and deserve respect.
Kassim the Alakazam Some people find Alakazam somewhat intimidating, and I'll admit it can be a little daunting to have a Pokemon who's smarter than you are on your team. Still, Kassim has never held his superior intellect over my head. He's really quite the gentleman, and not a bit of a show-off. A lot of people think Ghost and Psychic POkemon don't get along, but Harley and Kassim have never had a problem.
Cyrus the Scyther I must admit, when a Scyther first charged out of the wild grass of the Safari Zone, I was a little intimidated! I've never been all that fond of bugs and Scyther has a very imposing appearance. Still, a well-tossed Safari Ball brought Cyrus into my team, and he's adjusted very well. He earns his keep by cutting down trees and grasses in our path, and doing the same to opponents in battle.

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