(Music: "It's All Been Done", Barenaked Ladies)

Battle of the Planets was the first
Some might say it was by far the worst
But I still think it's cool
I still think Mark and Jason rule

It's all been done
It's all been done
It's all been done before

When I saw G-Force, I was impressed
Although I know it may not be the best
The plotlines were correct
But those names still make me retch


If they do another dub 
As if they haven't done enough 
And If they do the same hack job
will the old fans all say
"Ah, man, this SUCKS!"


Alone and bored watching Saturday morning tv
When I saw "Eagle Riders", I just screamed
If I turn the volume low
Maybe I can get through the show

Chorus (x3)

*     *     *

Lyrics (c) 1999 Emby Quinn

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