(Music:  "Unsent", Alanis Morissette)

Eagle Ken
I like you a lot
You're unsure about your relationship with Jun right now and I respect that
I would like you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to
And want to come visit me in Alabama
I would be open to spending some time with you
And finding out how old you were when you had your first kiss

Condor Joe
I like you too much
I seem to be attracted to you
'cause you're just like me with a tragic and secret past
we're both plenty self-destructive and unsure of ourselves
I always say, the more tragic the better
The truth is whenever I think of my favorite anime
Your face comes up with a vengeance without even trying

Swan Jun
You're like a sister
You've been nothing but open hearted and
Emotionally available and supportive and
Nurturing and consummately there for me 
Keen keeps drawing you in and pushing you away
I can't believe how beautiful you are and he doesn't
Notice you and yet you don't cry in front of him
You are the best candidate for romance
So tell me what is wrong with him?

Swallow Jinpei
You're still a child
You've got this charismatic way about you beneath all the
Crap the token cute kid is supposed to go around doing in anime
And you've really got a way with kicking Galactor ass
Do you ever really feel relaxed and
Looked out for around Jun though
Does it stop you from just being a normal kid?
Then it's kinda too bad because you could have much more fun

Owl Ryu
You give so much
I realize you don't get a whole hell lot of screen time
But I still feel like I understand you
The first two years were the hardest and
I don't think the others realize 
how fundamental you are 
for keeping the team together through
all kinds of dangerous adventures
I will never tire of watching my unsubbed tapes
Long after my other anime obsessions have faded

*     *     *

Lyrics (c) 1999 Emby Quinn

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