So, why "v5.1"? There have been five "official" treatments of Gatchaman: the three series, the theatrical movie release, and the OAV. There have also been five different presentations of the series: the original run (including all three series), Battle of the Planets, G-Force, Evil Writers--whups, Eagle Riders, and Gatchaman '94. Since this particular "version" isn't official, I tacked on the ".1" to show that it's a little different. Additionally, since this series is being "published" on the Internet, it seems apt to use a computerish designation, don'tcha think? ^.^
This fanfiction collection begins in the latter part of the original Gatchaman series. Yes, it features a new and original character. It also explores the characters and motivations of the Science Ninja themselves, their mentor, and their deadliest enemy, at a crucial point in their history, when anything can happen--for good, or for ill. By the final page of the last installment, none of the surviving characters will be untouched, or unchanged.

I originally intended for this series to stand on its own, with five stories (to go with the "5" motif), but more stories demanded to be written, and I'm still getting ideas, so I might not be done yet.

One More Victim One More Victim Each member of the Science Ninja is, in his or her own way, a victim of Galactor's treachery and malice. However, victims can be found on both sides of the line, and some of them are closer than one might believe. Nambu receives a coded message warning of a Galactor attack, and the Science Ninja attempt a pre-emptive strike, with potentially deadly results.
We'll See How Brave You Are We'll See How Brave You Are Courage means more than facing death. Sometimes it means facing life as well. The mysterious survivor of the Petal Island incident holds many secrets, some that even she doesn't know she has. When her true identity is revealed, Ken's life will be changed forever.
Beyond the Pale Beyond the Pale There are some boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, and some chances that should never be taken...but that never stopped Condor Joe from getting what he wanted. Faced with revelations about his own origins, he begins to see Miya in a completely new light...and chooses to risk everything he's ever believed for even a moment of happiness.
Take to the Sky Take To The Sky Joe has finally been confronted with the truth about his past. How will this affect his life, and his private war against Galactor? Can he live with his heritage and somehow reconcile it with his burning need to bring down the Syndicate, or will he keep running away from himself until there's nowhere else to go?
This Circus We're In This Circus We're In Joe and Miya thought they had all the time in the world. Even with the constant threat of danger and death hanging over them, they believed they could withstand anything together. But when Joe finds out he's dying, he chooses to face his destiny alone.

If you have enjoyed these stories, please let me know by mailing me. If you didn', heck, tell me anyway, I probably need the critique. Just be gentle, I bruise easily. ^^;;;

There is also a series that takes place after Gatchaman F that continues the saga; click here to access the Gatchaman R page.

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