Warning! If you have yet to read the Gatchaman v5.1 series, please do so before reading this, or you run the risk of being hopelessly confused.

This series begins after the last episode of Gatchaman F--as in right after, before the credits even start rolling. It takes a lot of the things that make no apparent sense and tries to make sense of them. Whether or not it succeeds is a question that has yet to be answered.

There's only one story finished so far; contrary to popular practice, I make it a point never to post a story before it's finished. I may tweak stories already posted if I find errors or inconsistencies in them after the fact, but you won't get any "this story is unfinished" warnings here. ^.^,v..

Past the Mission Past the Mission The Science Ninja Team have gone on their final mission. The world is mourning their loss. Then the team members are discovered alive and well...and changed by their experience in many ways, only some of which are readily apparent. Can they adjust to a world without Galactor...a world that no longer has any need of them?
Part One
Part Two

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