[Music: "Marianne", Tori Amos]

I will say a little prayer for you
and I knew you wouldn't come home
from Cross Karacolm

and they say Condor Joe died up there
but I say not a chance
not a chance

don't you know the girls ladies babes
and fans who say he was so crazy 
tell me why why why 
why did he fall down in that old deep ravine?

c'mon boys and girls and Science Ninja
make a wish and hold on 
won't you just hold on
hold on
while X is watching my every sound
I said he's watching my every sound

the weasel scurries faster than a seven day week
you thought you had seen the last of Katze
he fell down...but is he gone?
how many times did he prevail when he ought to have died?
keep it in mind

and I'm just having thoughts
I'm just having thoughts
having thoughts, having...

hey, he could outrun the fastest slug
he could...

oh, I'm just having thoughts of Condor Joe
wonder if we will ever know
I'm just having thoughts of Condor Joe

*     *     *

New Lyrics (c) 1999 Emby Quinn

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