[Music: "Father Lucifer", Tori Amos]

Father Alan
hey, this time you've gone too far
you always see things to be brighter than they are
heard that you're in love with some poor Devilstar
how's the Greenies?
how's your Jesus Christ been hanging?

nothing gonna stop me from going
nothing gonna stop me from going

he says he reckons it does no good to complain
he says I run and then I run from him
and then I run
he didn't see me watching from the aeroplane
he wiped a tear
and then he threw away his life for me

nothing gonna stop me from going

everyday's my dying day
and my life is still in its psychotic state
I'll die in my own good time
but not yet, no not yet
maybe I've lost direction but I guess it's OK
should I bring flowers to poor Lucy's grave?
I live by my instincts, I'll die the same way

*     *     *

New Lyrics (c) 1999 Emby Quinn

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