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"If you insist on being a turd, go lay out in the yard." --Spider (aka me!)

Kinda crowded, don'tcha think?
(l-r: Thelma, Porsha, Glamazon, Cherry Flame, Aislynne, ChaDi, Cleopatra, Spider (me), Harue, Miyae, Juuhachi-gou (Cyborg #18), Miryoko, Arabella, Delilah.

Below you can find links to many of the KiSS dollsets I have created. Most of these dolls can be completely undressed and are anatomically correct (although highly stylized). However, these sets do not contain any sexual content of any kind whatsoever. None of the dolls here come with "adult" toys or react sexually when clicked. There are places to download that sort of KiSS set, and this ain't one of 'em. If you are under the age of consent in your area, or if cartoon nudity offends you, please don't download any sets. The preview pictures contain no nudity whatsoever, though, so it's safe for anyone to look at the following pages.

All sets are presented in the standard .lzh compression format used by KiSS viewers. Some browsers have a hard time recognizing this compression format, which might mean that instead of downloading a file, you might get a page of HTML gibberish. O.o To avoid this problem, right-click on the download link (on a PC) or use Shift-click (on a Mac) and choose "Save Target As..." (or the equivalent). That should avoid any problems.

Please note that I will not mail KiSS set files to anyone who asks. I am not in the email distribution business. I'm just a KiSS artist. ^.^

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I will NOT be posting any adult-rated dolls here. For those, please visit the Erotic KiSS Page, maintained by Glyndon, a fabulous KiSS artist and a hell of a cool chiquita.

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