Who's Who at the Subreality Dojo and Snack Bar:

The HOSTESS is a pretty young woman in her late teens or early twenties who runs the Snack Bar. She acts as waitress, bartender, and greets individuals as they enter the bar. Her name is presumed to be Sakura, but she'll answer to pretty much anything. Her hair color and style changes frequently, but is always flattering and well-groomed.

The MANAGER wears glasses and a three-piece business suit, carries a laptop and is often mistaken for a Writer because of his conservative (dare we say "nerdy?") appearance. However, he is responsible for making sure the Dojo/Snack Bar runs smoothly. If he's not working on his laptop, he's talking on his cell phone. He's the man with all the answers and can explain or justify virtually any discrepancy. He's actually rather cute, but he's far too busy for a personal life.

The SENSEI is a wise old man who doesn't look like a threat but could whip a monstermech by himself using nothing but his walking stick. He's about three feet tall and scrawny, bald, with a long white beard and perpetually squinty eyes. He wears a gray shogi with no discernible markings and is usually barefoot. He runs the Dojo half of the establishment. He speaks softly and carries a REALLY BIG walking stick with a knobby end that really hurts when he whacks you on the head with it. Fictives who specialize in martial arts, magic and/or psi go to him to keep in training between stories. He knows everything. Really. He's also a bit of a lech, but don't tell him I said that.

The HOUSEKEEPER is cook, maintenance specialist and den mother to the Dojo/Snack Bar staff and patrons. If you're hungry, she'll feed you. If somebody crashes through the wall separating the sparring arena from the juice bar, she can have it cleaned up and repaired in no time. If you're having a crisis, she can lend a sympathetic ear. If you're causing trouble, she can pitch you out on your butt before you know your feet have left the floor. She's all the anime mother/protector anyone needs. She's young-looking and has brown (or black) hair tied back in a ponytail. She's usually seen wearing an apron with a kerchief tied over her head.

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