The Subreality Dojo and Snack Bar is across the street from the Subreality Cafe, displaying a prominent neon sign to announce its presence to the world. It's a lively place, with fictives regularly plunging from the Dojo's upstairs windows and crashing through skylights on a regular basis, but somehow the damage is always miraculously repaired within minutes. The lively strains of J-pop and disco sound from within the Snack Bar. Sometimes the Dojo's regulars are propelled through the back wall and land in the middle of the dance floor, but this is to be expected--after all, this is an anime hangout. If the Dojo or Bar prove to be too noisy, there's always the Garden or the Tea Room, places of beauty and peace which are somehow never disrupted by swinging mallets, flying bodies or screams of "KUSOOOOO!!!".

Who's Who in the Subreality Dojo Dramatis Personae, subject to alteration as the various Writers see fit.

The Layout of the place. Come in, have a look around!

The SDaSB Story Archive is where metafics and Round Robin fics are kept. Come in and have a look!

The SDaSB caters mainly to anime fictives, but these fictives are always invited to bring guests on the once-weekly Welcome Night--their Writers, for instance, or even a friend from the Subreality Cafe. It is SDaSB policy to request that all non-anime visitors be accompanied by an anime fictive to maintain the spirit of the establishment.

If you have any questions, comments, or metafics, please let me know!