The SDaSB consists of:

The DOJO: a training area for martial arts fictives and avatars, run by the Sensei. It's reinforced and specially shielded for the high-octane fighter types, but at least once a day someone comes crashing through the shoji (sliding door) into the Bar proper, which brings the Housekeeper running with her whisk broom and tool box.

The SNACK BAR, maintained by our lovely Hostess, providing food, drinks, and entertainment for a wide variety of tastes. There's often dancing, too, and karaoke every Wednesday night. On weekends there's live music, and "open mic" night is Friday.

The ARCADE, where a lot of video game-oriented fictives hang out. Virtual reality booths are available for practice, training and trying out random storylines.

The TEA ROOM, a quiet, semi-private area, a perfect setting for tea ceremonies and other traditional Japanese pursuits.

The GARDEN, behind the building, surrounded by a bamboo hedge and hung with decorative lanterns and prayer bells that tinkle softly in a perpetual breeze. Perfect for meditation, moon-viewing, composing haiku and getting away from the disco beat of the Snack Bar and/or the constant martial arts mayhem of the Dojo.

The ATTIC is a very scary place and very few dare to go there. It's said to be haunted by the shades of abandoned fictives, and stories abound about those who have trespassed into this dark domain and were never heard from again.

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