The SDaSB consists of:

The DOJO: a training area for martial arts fictives and avatars, run by the Sensei.

The SNACK BAR, maintained by our lovely Hostess, providing food, drinks, and entertainment for a wide variety of tastes. There's often dancing, too.

The ARCADE, where a lot of video game-oriented fictives hang out. Virtual reality booths are available for practice, training and trying out random storylines.

The TEA ROOM, a quiet, semi-private area, a perfect setting for tea ceremonies and other traditional Japanese pursuits.

The GARDEN, behind the building, surrounded by a bamboo hedge and hung with decorative lanterns and prayer bells that tinkle softly in a perpetual breeze. Perfect for meditation, moon-viewing, composing haiku and getting away from the disco beat of the Snack Bar and/or the constant martial arts mayhem of the Dojo.

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