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Ozzie Pants!

I just know most of you out there have at least heard of Chrono Trigger, the best game SquareSoft ever made and (in my personal belief) the only reason anyone would ever want to buy a Super Nintendo game console. Forget Final Fantasy, forget Sword of Valis, forget Legend of Zelda. Chrono Trigger is, in my not-very-humble opinion, the bomb. It has always been the bomb and it shall forever remain so. Nothing can improve on this game--not flashy graphics, not full motion video animation, not digital stereo sound or 40-button controllers. Nothing. Keep it. I'll stick with Chrono & company, thank you very much.

Anything worth loving is worth making fun of. Therefore, without much shame or apology, I present the "Ozzie Pants" image archive. For those of you who don't get the joke, I think it started with Star Wars fandom where you'd take a famous line and insert the word "pants" for a significant noun ("May the Pants be with you"--okay, that wasn't funny, but you get the idea). The sickness has spread, and there are just so many wonderful opportunities in Chrono Trigger to use this gag, I sort of cracked out on it. So, I hope you enjoy my insanity as much as I have.

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