Michiru: The digital age has many advantages. One of the drawbacks is that any idiot can make a website nowadays. The following is proof of that. Here is a man in his early twenties trying desperately to disprove what Naoko Takeuchi has already stated is fact: that Haruka and I are lovers.

Haruka: Now call me crazy, but if you put an infinite number of monkeys in a room, with an infinite number of 386 Tandy computers, I think you'll get better material.


I am studying literary science, any thesis is acceptable, when one is able to find proof of it, no matter what the author says...

Michiru: Naoko-sensei doesn't know what she's saying when she discusses characters she created? Oh, this is a promising beginning...

Haruka: waitaminnit.. isn't that like, I dunno.. second guessing God?

It took me long to compose this article, so you should also take your time when reading it. Perhaps you should copy it on disk, print it and read it then...

Michiru: Perhaps you should copy it on disk, print it, roll the pages into a tight cylinder and shove it up your back passage.

Haruka: Mi-chan!!! :looks shocked: Wait just a second. That's not right. He needs to shove it up his back passage AND light it on fire.

After having seen lots of information in the WWW concerning the relationship between Haruka and Michiru, I felt myself forced to comment on this topic, which is so often discussed, but probably not always objectively (the others are using adjectives like "romantic" or "kawaii" to prove something, but concerning the Anime their argumentations completely lack visible proof, and in the Manga there are pics, but as my professors use to say "You are able to prove the snow being black").

Michiru: "Forced to comment"? Somebody held a gun to your head, maybe? And precisely what does the color of snow, not to mention the price of maple leaf manju in Hiroshima, have to do with the pictures in the manga?

Haruka: I'll hold a gun to his head. You know.. there IS a time when the color of snow matters.... :trails off with a sophmoric grin:

I saw the 199 episodes & three specials shown up to now in Germany (I hope SOS will cause RTL2 to broadcast the missing 4 specials and one episode soon), so it is quite unlikely that I did not get any important information.

Michiru: And even if he had, he'd find a way to prove the snow is black anyway.

Haruka: It's also quite unlikely that he gets any dates.

As I guess from many mails that reached me, the majority is of the opinion that scenes were cut in the German, American or Italian version. This is wrong, but I admit that several dialogues between the two were changed.

Michiru: Not only was the dialogue changed, but we're talking completely different cultures here. There are things in the manga and in the anime that are obvious to native Japanese that would not be apparent to most foreigners. Instead of trying to understand the situation from a native's point of view, this person is mangling the facts to suit his own rather limited scope.

Haruka: He needs a bigger hammer to ram the round peg into the square hole, I think..

Also in the German one there is this dialogue in 107 concerning the flowers, which I (once again) explain with the mother- daughter-model (daughter being jealous when s.o. approaches mother). And I think I also remember H's words in "SailM S", that she won't let M go that night. So what? On the one hand the others say, that love is not equal to sex, but in this case, they want to tell us that H has plans what to do with M that night, am I wrong? But as all of us know, this "love" is not based on bodily affection... Yes, I have problems in telling you that she "needs her mother, because she is afraid of burglars", because she is too strong (physically and mentally) for being afraid. In this case, none of us gets an advantage.

Michiru: "This 'love' is not based on bodily affection', hm? A lot you know. Just because Haruka and I don't slobber all over each other in public, we can't possibly be a couple? Oh, wait, even if we did feel each other up in plain sight, it wouldn't matter to you because you'd find a way to deny it. Silly me.

Haruka: ... ok, listen up, baka. Michiru and I are warriors.. we're Sailor Senshi for chrissakes. Do you think we're going to be all mushy in public?? Don't make me come over there and kick you.

Besides. When I say I'm not letting Mi-chan go, believe you me when I say there's some serious affection with a heavenly body. ^_^

It is important to stress that Michiru gives her life for Haruka (see episode 110) ,but not vice versa (episode 098) [H does not rescue M from being captured by Kaorinight], when she would have loved M she would have rescued her and forgotten about their promise (to continue the mission alone).

Michiru: She tried. I screamed at her. It's called dedication--something you obviously know nothing about, unless it's dedication to being a complete stone imbecile.

Haruka: We're dedicated to each other.. and to our *mission* clunkhead.

The Truth is nothing but this...

Michiru: You...are...an...idiot.

Haruka: and that's the whole truth!

Haruka is shy, even when at first and second sight one might come to another conclusion. Therefore she does not flirt with men. She chose a typical type of defence, namely that she hides her shyness under the cover of being cool & aggressive. Her "mother" is the one & only character who knows about this (see episode 180: Michiru: "... Haruka is shy..."[at least in the German version] and H then looks embarrassed [this non-verbal reaction must be there also in the Japanese version]).

Michiru: Excuse me while the woman at the keyboard reacts. [/CHARACTER] BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN ASSWIPE!!! [CHARACTER] Thank you for waiting. Haruka doesn't flirt with men because she's not interested in men. She flirts shamelessly with other females, however, because she's *ahem* that way. She's about as shy as a Siberian tiger.

Haruka: :just snorks her canned coffee out her nose: Whoa, whoa.. hold the ponies here.. I'm.. SHY????

I tend to see Michiru as Haruka’s "mother", because in spite of Haruka’s aggressive behaviour, Michiru controls her "daughter". All the cool behaviour of Haruka towards the others is in my opinion closely related to the way, teenagers behave in their adolescence.

Michiru: I control her? I don't know what series you've been watching, mein Herr, but it can't possibly be BSSM. Besides, I haven't used the choke-chain on her in at least a week. As for me being her "mother"...you could see me as a bald, pointy-eared, seven-foot-tall green alien with antennae and fangs and that wouldn't make it so.

Piccolo: Leave me out of this.

Michiru: Gomen. ^.^

Haruka: Oh, mommeeeeeee...

Michiru also has probably had several experiences with men before (we can suppose this when watching her in 180), another point that hints at the "mother -daughter"-relation.

Michiru: So I'm bisexual. What's your point?

Haruka: On the top of his head.

Did you notice that Haruka often wears a cross around her neck? Just recall the Book of Genesis and also the Book of Judges where you will find a passage, where God destroys the cities of Sodom & Gomorra because of their homosexual inhabitants who wanted to approach the two angels who visited Lot (Gen 19, 4-26). It is easy to conclude that everything in a work has a meaning, so Haruka must be Christian, although I received several mails which told me that in Japan people would wear crosses with no meaning.

Michiru: Another fact you've obviously chosen to ignore. Rei Hino wears a cross too, and she's certainly not Catholic--she's a temple priestess! The Bible says a lot more against practicing "magic" than it does against homosexuality, but we don't see you writing long, rambling, pointless dissertations on how Rei Hino is supposed to be Christian just because she wears a cross around her neck on occasion. Haruka's cross is also nothing more than a fashion statement.

Haruka: Did the fact that you recieved several emails about the cross thing being a fashion statement not sink in at all?

Youji: Darlin' lemme tell you, it's a look.

Haruka: Beat it, you.

Actually we have proof that Haruka is not a typical member of the Japanese society:

the colour of her hair (please stop laughing)

"least favourite subject: modern Japanese"

her progressive behaviour, whereas -as much as I know- the Japanese society is still "dominated" by men

Michiru: None of us are typical members of Japanese society. Hair color in manga and anime is not intended to reflect real life. Of course Japanese society is "male dominated"; so is German society, so are many other places around the world.

Haruka: although I can tell you that Michiru's hair IS natural. :looks at Mi-chan: what? what??

The episodes:


Takeuchi and followers have no visible proof of a relationship, in this season there are scenes where they are alone and not in the public, but even then, nothing happens.

Michiru: Precisely what, pray tell, is this "Takeuchi and followers" garbage? You make it sound as though Naoko-sensei were some left-wing agitator rather than the creator of the series. Nothing happens with anyone sexually in the anime because it's a show meant primarily for children. This is not La Blue Girl we're discussing!

Haruka: I can't comment. I'm off to sell flowers on the corner for the Cult of Takaeuchi-san.

In episode 092, Usagi & Minako ask Haruka whether Michiru is her love. "[No, ] to me, she is much more important than that", in other words: Michiru is not her love, she never stops giving hints to her "daughter" who therefore likes her "mom" (see also episode 106 "I am glad I met you, Michiru"). If they were really a couple and their feelings for each other were as strong as the others proclaim, they would not vocally deny their relationship.

Michiru: The only one of the two of us who ever "vocally denied" our relationship was me. It's interesting to note that this occurred in the same scene as the (rather mangled) quote you cite above, yet you completely ignored it. Why, pray tell, was that? Was it because it totally contradicts your portrayal of me as a predatory lesbian?

As far as I can remember, Haruka never, in any way, shape or form, denies having a relationship with me. The scene mentioned above takes place in our debut episode, #92, and if I recall correctly what Haruka actually said was "What? My Michiru? She is much more important than that to me." Note the possessive. Would she have used that if we weren't really a couple? Wouldn't she have protested "Really, we're just friends"? How can you possibly take "She is much more important" as Haruka trying to imply that she feels like--of all things--a daughter to me?

Haruka: Mommy.. i've been a bad, bad girl.....

In episode 095 they both decide to leave the "Love-Show" Haruka says that they took part only for fun & that in the end, only love will win. In other words: she does not consider her relationship to Michiru as love. They do not take part because they have the intuition that this is a plan from Tomoe & CO (although a mail I received suggests this).

Michiru: Now I know you're not watching the same series. We did suspect that the Death Busters were involved in the "Love Show"; that's why we participated. We had no idea that we would win so easily, and we would have won if we'd continued to compete. Haruka and I have no need to win a silly contest to prove our love for one another, and besides, Umino was so heartbreakingly sincere Haruka felt he deserved to win.

Haruka: I can't stand pathetic, sincere boys with bad glasses. I had to make it end. Besides, the proof is in the beautiful eyes I wake up looking into in the morning. So bite me, fanboy.

There is a scene in episode 096 when Haruka & Michiru disappear into the bushes, reappear as Uranus & Neptune, & at the end are lying again in the bushes. What do the others say? They were making love in the bushes? Quite an uncomfortable place for doing that. Furthermore, how should two women be able to make love to each other? (biologically impossible) Of course they hide behind the bushes in order that Mako(to) cannot see them transforming & re-transforming. Oh, and as we all know and always keep in mind: this relationship is not based on any bodily affection...

Michiru: Now you're just being silly. No one claimed we were "making love in the bushes". As for two women making love being "biologically impossibel" you obviously don't get out enough.

Haruka: :puts on a scholar's cap and draws a diagram: Trust me, sparky. It's possible. See? And I'd tell you what we were doing, but I'm too much of a gentleman for that. ^.~

Let me just carry on: Haruka enjoys "flirting" with women, yes. She likes leading them on, or call it teasing them. For example, she tells Usagi that she has a chance of becoming her girlfriend (it is obvious that she enjoys making fun of Usagi, who previously "fell in love" with this handsome "boy").

Michiru: Strange behavior for someone who's supposed to be so painfully shy.

Haruka: I'm so painfully shy that I'm going to have to flirt more with those little girls to get over it.

People tend to cite the scene in episode 110 "The Talismans", where Michiru touches Haruka’s hand in order to prove they are a homosexual couple. The contrast is true. Did you watch Haruka’s face in this scene? Her eyes are open wide, a typical sign of negative surprise or call it "shock". I instead prefer the word "disgust". She does not "answer" this gesture, she does not hug Michiru, for instance. Yes, she doesn't push Michiru's hand away, obviously she is too paralysed & scared for doing that.

Michiru: I think the word "disgust" applies more accurately to what I'm feeling right now about your asinine behavior. Yes, she looked surprised, perhaps at my sudden boldness, but she wasn't "scared"--she isn't scared of much, you know. And I've yet to see her "paralyzed" by anything.

Haruka: Oh, yes. I'm totally paralyzed in shock and disgust. I think I need mouth to mouth resuscitation. ....^_^

Let us recall episode 115 "Strange Force", where Haruka makes the statement :"You will never get a man’s heart with violence". Only a woman who was/is in love with a man can know about how to gain his love.

Michiru: Find me one instance in any episode where Haruka showed any attraction to a man. Look hard. I'll wait. ::waits:: Nothing, right? Right. So how can you use one statement to refute the many times Haruka openly showed attraction to other women? What are they teaching you at that school of yours? If you approach science the way you approach this matter, you're going to make a lousy researcher.

Haruka: He's going to America to work at that Electoral College place.

Anyways, did you stop to think that I perhaps understand the masculine perspective, you pinhead?

In episode 126 they are together at table, Michiru giving Baby Hotaru its baby bottle and at this sight Haruka says, that this was a "fantastic prospect" but Michiru nevertheless proposes that they could live on as an ordinary family with a child, but Haruka (already annoyed) answers "it is time to leave": she obviously refuses to comment on this topic, because a homosexual relationship is no possible option for her (and Hotaru needs to be returned to Doctor Tomoe).

Michiru: Haruka was as delighted with the prospect of being a "family" with me and baby Hotaru as I was, but she knew it wasn't an option for us because Hotaru belonged with her father (in the anime; in the manga, Tomoe was dead, and we did raise Hotaru as our child).

Haruka: and we would've done a great job if she hadn't grown up so fast!


Because of her kindness Haruka allows bisexual Michiru to lay her head on her shoulder several times in "SailorStars": in order not to "offend" Michiru, she tolerates her "approaches" but turns down any closer relationship.

Michiru: "...turns down any closer relationship"?! Show me where. Please, cite a single instance where this happens. Know what? You can't. Know why? Because it doesn't happen!

Haruka:... Are we watching the same series???

Let’s have a quick look at episode 167, where both are standing in front of an aquarium: Michiru says "I could stand here forever" but Haruka only replies "Driving is much more comfortable than watching fish" when frustrated Michiru angrily replies "You little fool, I am not talking about the fish [but you]". This shows once again that Haruka does not think that Michiru feels comfortable when she is there. True, M is looking at H, but H doesn't respond to the approach.

Michiru: This reminds me of the DIC dubbies who insist that Zoicite must be a woman because "she" was dubbed as one. Oh, and Haruka did respond--she gave me a very cute reaction while she figured out what I was trying to say. When she did, she certainly didn't look "disgusted". ^.~

Haruka: BE-sides.... I'm apparently rather dense sometimes. >.>

I also read several times that a scene later in episode 167 would prove they were a couple. Michiru insults Haruka of eating too many sweets. Haruka replies "...save these scoldings for bed." Scolding is a great activity to do with your partner in bed, right? It is more likely that "mother" Michiru looks after her "daughter" before going to bed as well. In none of the episodes a common bed is shown. BTW, the common bed of Usagi's parents is shown in the first season (the episode with the clocks, causing the population to hurry up).

Michiru: You're so deep in denial it must be the flood season in Egypt.

Haruka: Do I need to get out the flash cards?? Ne, Mommy.. remember when I said I was a bad girl before? I think I need to be.."scolded" again. ^________^

In episode 170 Michiru compares herself & Haruka with Usagi & Rei. As we all know, Usagi & Rei always have quarrels, but nevertheless are good friends. True, H & M are as close as R & U as friends, although R refuses to admit this (she wants to appear cool, just like H). Rei and Usagi both have a boyfriend (Mamoru & Yuichiro). When we take Michiru’s comparison seriously, also she & Haruka both have a boyfriend.

Michiru: Does that mean that to take "Michiru's comparison seriously", I would have to wear odangos in my hair and Haruka would have to be a temple priestess? You can see how ridiculous the comparison is if you give it even a moment's thought. You also left out Rei's reaction: "Don't even think like that!" She was either (a) pretending to deny her friendship with Usagi or (b) letting me know that she and Usagi weren't a couple the way Haruka and I are. Incidentally, Rei spends a great deal of time denying that Yuuichiro is her boyfriend. Does that mean she's a closet lesbian? No, wait, maybe she's really a man! ::dodges a Burning Mandala:: I was being sarcastic, Rei, lighten up.

Haruka: Michiru and I don't always agree.. but we've never failed to support one another in our quest.. or in our private lives. Dork.

The other side often mentions a scene in "SailorStars", when Hotaru calls Haruka "Haruka-papa". Hotaru is very young at this point, but recalls her memories from "Sailor Moon S". As we all know, she loves her father, but now, living because of her identity as a Senshi together with the three older ones, he cannot be with her. Hotaru therefore searches with all her power for a replacement for her beloved dad & chooses Haruka, playing (see below "Takarazuka theatre") a male role, but well aware of being a woman.

Michiru: Haruka presents herself with a male identity and most people meeting her for the first time think she is male. Furthermore, she encourages this, particularly with young schoolgirls, with whom she loves to flirt.

Haruka: I'm feeling shy again.. I think I have to go work it out with some more serious flirting.

Towards the end of "SailorStars" (episode 180) there is a scene in a park, where Michiru tells Usagi: "Haruka doesn’t like men who are popular among women." (because -this is my opinion- they cannot offer real love to a woman) Note that she does not say that Haruka doesn’t like men in general. And even then, Haruka –obviously annoyed- requests: "Pardon? What did you say?", Michiru smiles embarrassed (stressing unmistakably the fact Haruka likes/loves men, when they are not as popular as Seiya among women).

Michiru: Unmistakably? Haruka wasn't annoyed because she "likes/loves men". If she was annoyed at all, it was because I was talking about her to someone else.

Haruka: Besides. I . Can't. Stand. Seiya.

Michiru: Well, yes, there is that.

Later in the episode Haruka says, she wants to be touched gently by Michiru. This should prove them being a couple?

Michiru: YES!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Sorry.

Haruka: now, honey, remember. he thinks snow is black.

No, look at the context: Usagi has a date with Seiya, H hates macho-like guys like him. Michiru instead wants Usagi to have this date & therefore pulls Haruka away. Michiru promises to touch Haruka gently at home she wants Haruka to make place for Seiya (otherwise this "touching gently" should be shown later, when "they show their affection not in the public" (a mail told me that).

Michiru: Another crucial omission: in the above scene, Haruka complains that I'm hurting her as I drag her away, and she tells me "I'd rather you touch me gently." I promise to do so when we get home. End of scene. It's Haruka who mentions the "gentle touching", not me. I wonder why you left that bit out?

You do realize, don't you, how ridiculous you sound, trying to find proof where there is none, trying to explain away the evidence of your own eyes? If you're in college, you can't be that stupid, can you?

Haruka: Actually, he can be.

Of course I have to comment also on the scene in Michiru's dressing room.

Michiru: If it isn't "Well, this blows my theory right out of the water", then why should we listen?

Haruka: he has to comment because they're holding that gun again.

After Seiya and Usagi have disappeared, Michiru asks Haruka ,showing once again her homosexual interest in her, to help her undress. Haruka replies in a neutral way "of course". As I can conclude from several POLITE mails that reached me, even in the original version there is no affection shown later in the scene.

Michiru: Since when is a huge grin and an eager expression being "neutral"? The very words, "Of course", imply not grudging compliance, but willing assent. And there's no "affection" shown later in the scene because the scene ends there! Che, baka.

Haruka: You've never had a woman ask you to help undress her before, have you, Herr Slickmeister?

In 184 Usagi tells the rest of the Inner Senshi that "Haruka doesn't like/love men" (the Inner and the Three Lights sigh [they know what this would mean]) but Michiru herself adds "...who are popular among women". This five words show:

1)Michiru has given up trying to get in contact with Haruka (otherwise she wouldn't add anything to Usagi's statement which shows Haruka as a lesbian)

2)Haruka obviously likes (loves) men

3)Michiru does not want the Three Lights and the Inner Senshi to think Haruka being a lesbian, because H isn't one.

Michiru: That's an awful lot of work to expect out of five words.

Haruka: I think men are basically stupid, and they need to prove to me they're not. And I. Hate. Seiya.

In "SailorStars" Haruka complains that she is freezing, & Michiru offers to warm her up. Heterosexual Haruka of course refuses and asks for a cup of hot coffee.

Michiru: It wasn't quite the right time for a hot lesbian sex scene, considering we were in the middle of a stakeout.

Haruka: Remember the *teasing* thing, pal?

Michiru’s homosexual interest in Haruka is again shown clearly in episode 184 when Michiru "confesses" to never being bored in Haruka’s presence (Haruka doesn't even make the effort to reply to this new homosexual approach).

Michiru: Wait, wait, I thought you just said I'd given up on her? And how can saying Haruka never bores me be interpreted as a come-on?

Haruka: It's a statement of fact. :smugly:

Let us recall a scene towards the very end of "SailorStars": They are discussing whether there is a chance of returning alive after having faced Galaxia. It is obvious that they do not want to lose each other, but does that really automatically imply a homosexual relationship? There are also very close friendships between parents & children, in this case between "mother" Michiru & "daughter" Haruka.

Haruka: ..... ....... .....:rolls up the flash cards and goes to smack him with them:

When they are both giving their star crystals to Galaxia in order to stay together, it is once again proved how much Haruka depends on her "mother": without Michiru, the shy girl has no link with reality. (we only see her ONCE alone out of home, episode 095) I read somewhere in the net that "...everything about the importance of the mission was a lie...". Listen to reason: they sacrifice Hotaru, Setsuna and themselves in order to fulfil their mission (to protect Usagi). So it is clear, that they are obsessed with their mission and anyone denying this is wrong.

Michiru: Of course we're obsessed with our mission! Does that mean we can't be in love with each other too?

Haruka: We have to be obessed with our mission! It's OUR MISSION. Remember that???

When they "are dying" towards the end of the series, they want to touch each other before dying. This is a kind of goodbye between mother and daughter, not between lovers (they are too weak for a kiss in this scene, but when they were still strong enough they couldn't manage one as well).

Michiru: It's a goodbye between two lovers. We're dykes, get over it.

Haruka: you go, girlfriend.

And let me add this in the film "Mortal Kombat" after the evil Shang Tsung has been killed by Liu Kang, the soul of his dead brother, Chan appears and they touch their hands in exactly the same manner than H & M do it when they are dying. Chan's last words: "Go in peace, my brother." Applied to SailorMoon: "Go in peace, my mother."

Now you're taking dialogue from a completely unrelated genre, molding it in your own image, and shoving it in our mouths. That's a wonderful scientific approach. Not.

Haruka: waitaminnit.. where the hell does Mortal Kombat apply here? Mortal KOMBAT, for crap's sake??

A kind of conclusion...

Nevertheless, in a certain way, the other side is right: they definitely do not simply behave like "really really good friends", but rather like a family. No, not like Mom & Dad, like mother & daughter.

Michiru: You remind me of a child pretending his mouth is sewn shut so he doesn't have to eat his vegetables.

Haruka: You have a complex, pal.

Michiru's homosexual interest in Haruka becomes clear in episode 106, being a flashback into the past, when Michiru confesses, that she was already interested in Haruka before she knew she was the second Senshi. It continues in episode 110, when Michiru unsuccessfully tries to approach Haruka by touching & holding her hand. From then on, she just leans against Haruka or puts her head on Haruka's shoulder, deeds, which probably well-educated Haruka admits to due to her politeness & because she does not want her "mother" to commit suicide out of desperation.

Michiru: Oh, please.

Haruka: for god's sake. I'm not demonstrative in public with the one who truly holds my heart. What is this freaky "mommy" obession you have??

Takeuchi's argumentation should be logical?

Michiru: Considering she created us? YES!!!

Haruka: You'd've thought.

Naoko said that they were a couple. Furthermore, she said that H thinks to be male, developing therefore a male taste and as a result, chooses M as a partner. In the famous interview from Italy, Naoko said that she got inspired to imagine Haruka by the Japanese Takarazuka theatre. In this theatre, all actors were female, playing even male roles. Thanks for this statement, Naoko, Haruka can and indeed plays a male role (true for the Anime only), but nevertheless she is well aware of the fact being female (look at her outfit in the Manga). So your explanation with H thinking to be male is destroyed by yourself.

Michiru: You're contradicting yourself now, trying to state that the anime and manga are separate and should be judged separately, but using an instance from the manga to try and prove your rather pointless argument. Naoko-sensei is the final authority, and if you don't agree with her, you shouldn't be trying to prove false a situation she's already stated is true.

Haruka: the word you're looking for pal, is "Butch"

I am not familiar with lesbian couples, it might also be that they both are aware of their femininity, but when Naoko explains that H thinks to be a man and therefore would develop a male taste for a partner (falls in "love" with M) and H at the same time wears these breathtaking dresses, this is illogical: she cannot feel at the same time being both, male & female.

Michiru: Sure she can. She's nimble that way.

Haruka: It's why she's never bored with me.

Naoko MAY have intended to present them as a couple, but in the Anime, with which she had little to do, this intention was kind of "ignored" by Toei.

Michiru: Wrong again, mein Herr. Not only was it not ignored, our relationship made national news. It caused quite a stir in Japan for a while. In the end, however, public response was overwhelmingly positive.

Haruka: Japanese TV is more relaxed with some standards, but hot lesbian action still isn't kiddie fare, you etchi.

Straight couples:

In both, Anime and Manga, the straight couple is presented as being ideal (it survives past,present & future). When Naoko really intended to show H & M as a couple (as she tells the world), she probably would have insisted on visible proof of this "love" in the Anime as well. Usagi and Mamoru are kissing at least twice in the Anime, nothing similar in the relationship between Haruka and Michiru...

Michiru: You said that Rei Hino had a boyfriend, but we never see her kissing Yuuichiro. We don't see Usagi's father kissing her mother, either--does that mean they're not a couple?

Haruka: They even sleep in separate beds.. 0.o

Michiru: Oh, and incidentally, Herr Oberon, don't think I didn't notice your implication that what Naoko-sensei "tells the world" about Haruka and me being a couple was not really her original intention at all. So now you're not just calling her stupid, but a liar as well.

About the "kiss" in the Manga: "mother" Michiru instructs her "daughter" Haruka how to seduce a man, because Haruka is fascinated by men but does not know how to approach them. This kiss is not a kiss between lovers, it is similar to a kiss on the stage of a theatre or on the set of a movie. And the two kisses Haruka gives to Usagi are signs of care from an older member of the "family", in this case from an older "sister", not of a homosexual interest, even when they are located on the mouth.

Michiru: Teaching Haruka how to seduce a man would be like teaching a vegan how to eat pickled pig's feet. And who taught Haruka how to seduce a woman?

Haruka: I'd tell you, but you might hit me...

Let's rave (em.. "move") on to the Anime: H wears exclusively male clothes. In episode 100 she has a short conversation with Minako, concerning the life of "an ordinary girl". Despite her male clothing a hint that she knows which lavatory to take in a pub. Remember episode 098? H says: "No matter whether you are a man or a woman, the fastest one wins". She knows being a she (this once again shows that Takeuchi got mixed up with her characters, since she states that H thinks to be male and develops a male taste when looking for a partner).

Michiru: Nonsense. Haruka is well aware of her femininity--too aware sometimes, like at that time of the month--but she prefers a male "aspect".

Haruka: oroo... he's making my head hurt..

H "teasing" girls?

...she is leading on Usagi and Minako, later also Mako(to). Why? Because they once were "in love" with this handsome "guy" (they were too stupid to notice the arch in H's shirt...). When you like it put this way: that way she takes her "revenge" on them.

Michiru: Now I'm really confused. Revenge? For what? If she's so incredibly terribly painfully shy, why would she flirt with young girls, or with anyone else for that matter?

Haruka: Because it's therapy for my terrible shyness..

No common bed, no caressing (instead "save scoldings for bed", what a nice activity for a couple to do in bed), not even a kiss...

Michiru: There's plenty of caresses, touches, long soulful looks...You've been watching with your eyes closed. And again, mentioning "bed" in that context was an obvious clue that you're desperately trying to deny.

Haruka: and what a scolding it was!!! ^__^

The logical conclusion:

Michiru: You...are...an...idiot.

Haruka: it's the only conclusion we can come to.

M being bisexual: approaching Seiya and H.

H being straight, but desperately shy.

Michiru: M being bisexual, approaching men just to tease H; H being a dedicated lesbian and as shy as a Sherman tank.

Haruka: She knows it drives me nuts. And seriously, Herr Slickmeister.. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU THINK I WAS SHY???

It is rather hard for the others to prove a homosexual couple in the Anime without any kisses, caressing each other, a common bed... Their only "proves" are: Naoko's statements, some dialogues that may be interpreted this or that way.

Michiru: So we shouldn't take the creator's word for it? How amazingly pathetic.

Haruka: Maybe we should make out.. ^_^

It seems that they want to use this "couple" to justify their own abnormality.

Michiru: It seems you want to use this essay to justify your own bigotry.

Haruka: Wait wait wait.. I thought you were just stupidly amusing until we got to the "abnormal" part.. the fact that you don't know how two women can make love..and admittedly don't know anything about lesbian couples shows how remarkably illiterate you are on this topic. How dare you pass judgement on others based on this? Why I oughta.. Michiru!! lemme go! I'm not gonna hurt him.. MUCH!!!!

Michiru: ::holds on for dear life, making conciliatory murmurs::

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Michiru: Don't bother clicking. It isn't there.

Haruka: >.< still wanna...

Michiru: Shush shush shush. ::soothe::

Original title: "Sie sind nicht_strukturiert" written by "Oberon" in 1999

Michiru: My title: "Sie sind einen wirlichen Idiot."

Haruka: "Ich bin ein Narrowminded Moron"

Then modified with MS Word into HTML and it became my homepage

Michiru: Lucky us.

Haruka: Remember what I said about the monkeys earlier?

All character names (except
Oberon) are owned by Naoko Takeuchi...

Michiru: To whom you obviously paid no attention, despite the fact that she's the creator of these characters and a world-famous and highly successful manga artist, while you're an incosequential nobody whose sole claim to fame is posting a pompous, offensive, biased and thoroughly inaccurate essay on the Internet.

Haruka: Come on, Mi-chan. Let's go. You need help undressing? ^_^

Michiru: Yes, I think you do need a good...scolding...you baaaaad girl. ^.^

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