Photomanipulation Gallery

Below are a series of manipulated photos ("photomanips") of our favorite bird of prey. The original model is a reasonably famous male model named Marcus Schenkenberg (I swear to God I'm not making this up.) He appears in Calvin Klein ads on a regular basis, which is where I found him. Except for the eye color, I think he's just about perfect, don't you? No full nudity in any of these though some show a LOT of skin (but nothing indecent). Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

When my back's to the wall, I might do anything It's so hard at the end of the day Full in effect Waiting If I'm hanging on to your shirt A delicate man Kinda scary Adventures like cars we would ride Ready to fly Sitting alone I'm too sexy for my jersey Don't ask what happened to the rest of my pants. Don't ask what happened to my clothes, either. I was taking a shower.  WHAT? Up against the wall The slow parade of tears See, I can tame my hair if I want to, dammit. Made my own pretty hate machine Bird GO! Looking for a savior Pumping iron Black leather for the redhead You want a shower scene?  HERE'S a shower scene Shower, Take 2 All my men wear bird capes...or nothing at all Might as well jump Ryu hair day Yes, we're supposed to be nude, but Tripod won't let us Back on the street now Shhhh... Looking pale and tragic Yes, the eyes DO follow you, don't they? Just one more picture, Condor! I refuse to give out with the obvious statement. Umm...umm...umm... Okay.  That's it.  Move over, Joji. I have NO idea, don't even ask me. Um...sorry to interrupt, guys! Well, at least they've still got their clothes on... I forgot my $*#(%ing sunglasses again. I'm in the graveyard This is a closeup?!

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