(Music: "Building A Mystery", Sarah McLachlan)

they come out at night
And then the God Phoenix comes
And another plan
Is severely blown
you strut before your men
but you stand all alone
and at Cross Caracolm
you'll die all alone someday
you're building a monstermech

you live in the dark
sit and hatch your master plans
and you think you're in control
but another commands
you hide your face behind a mask
and a smile won't give you away
can you look to the future
without delusions getting in the way

oh you're so beautiful
with an edge to your charm
but who'll be there
to keep you from harm?


'cause you're working
building a monstermech
when it's gone, you'll build one again
yeah you're working
building a monstermech
but you can't beat the Ninja yet

you wake up screaming aloud
a prayer on your rosy lips
you feed off our fears
and hold back your tears
give 'em a tantrum
and a know it all grin
just when they need one
when the loyalty's thin

oh you're a beautiful
a beautiful f*cked up man
you're living in a
razor wire world


repeat chorus

*     *     *

Lyrics (c) 1999 Emby Quinn

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