Fanart Gallery

All these pictures were done prior to 2000. My more recent works are here.

This is what most people know me for--my scribblings and scratchings. This is by no means an exhaustive gallery, but it's a pretty good sampling of twenty years of artistic obsession.

My art style was heavily influenced by Gatchaman, and to this day, it shows in all my work. Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

The original of this picture graced my wall for years Miya as she originally appeared Don't you love that baleful glare of his? Boot to the head! That bracelet goes off at the worst times... I don't like Mondays Pretty boy Ken Eagle in black leather A peek into the future, maybe? What so many of us have been waiting to see--Eagle and Swan sucking face! Hangin' out at the Snack Awwwwwww...! Makes no difference who you are Let's go back to bed Best friends forever Swan in shadow Jun looking doubtful The Swan spreading her wings Swan smiling Who says Joe can't be pretty? The profile When I see you smile A day at the beach--Joe doesn't look impressed A tender moment Get a little closer Just hanging out (does Joe look a little rough in this shot?) Katze unmasked Onna Katze Looking very tired Let her cry Saraba, cara Miya The Savage Redhead Sibs If you can't tell your sister... Don't ask about the heels, I have no clue He says that inside I'm hiding I ripped off the pose, but the art is mine, I swear! Look, I'm stnading naked before you And here I stand A day at the races Even the OAVs aren't safe from the redhead's presence Ripped off from a cologne advertisement Another stolen perfume ad The light that brings a smile I'll take your breath away What if Miya reverted to type...? My heart is like the ocean

If you want to download these images for personal use, that's perfectly okay with me. If you want to post any of these images on your own site, that's absolutely cool too, provided you let me know it's there and give credit where credit is due. Under NO circumstances should you claim these images as your own (though if you want to do art based on the poses, it's not like I can stop you--just make sure you're not just "modifying" my art, but doing a completely new work, hm?).

For my new pictures (done from April 2002 onwards), please go here.

E-mail me with any comments or suggestions. And don't forget to sign my scrapbook before you leave! ^.^,v..

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