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Author's Notes
Wherein questions are answered,
answers are questioned,
and credit is given where credit is due.

The song "Little Earthquakes" is the title track of Tori Amos' first solo album. All of my Gatchaman fics get their titles from her songs.

Miyae Washio has been my personal character of choice since 1979, when I discovered Gatchaman. Yes, this makes her roughly as old as the Gatchaman F series.

I wrote my first Gatch fic in 1980. Thankfully, it has long since vanished. The stories you have read here are very different, and I would hope, vastly improved. (But Miyae has always been Ken's big sister. Some things never change.)

Shinya Arashi is the RP character of my housemate and is used with permission.

KayeKytte, aka Nikki Raven, my very best friend in the whole wide world, helped me with the plotting of this story and contributed a lot of Joe's best lines and actions. She also beta-read the story for me to make sure it didn't totally suck.

A lot of people are going to protest that, after a year in the ground, Nambu's corpse would have decayed to a skeleton. This is not true. Because of modern embalming techniques, interred bodies are often preserved for a very long time in a more or less intact state. Besides, this is anime (or based on anime anyway). I have an artistic license if you need to see it.

I stole a lot of lines from my favorite books and movies and sprinkled them throughout my various fanfics.

All the people who died in this story are modeled after people who pissed me off. No, I'm not naming names, but those who know me well can probably make a guess at one or two of them.

Shuko Kamimura, not to put too fine a point on it, is me. (One of my nicknames is "Shuko", which means "little pearl"--the translation of my birth given name, Maggie.)

The God Phoenix III (or GP3 for short) is modeled after the God Phoenix from the 1994 OAV series. It's the one thing I really, really liked about the remake. (Well, that and Joe's shower scene. Yummers.)

"Little Earthquakes" is the last Gatch fic I ever plan to write, chronologically speaking. However, there are other stories that fill in some of the gaps that I may yet write.

No llamas were harmed in the making of this fanfic.

Emby Quinn

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