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Hi! I'm Emby Quinn, aka Spider, aka Mags, aka that creepy goth chick who's made enough KiSS dolls to open her own factory. Lots of people have asked me about a home page, so I finally decided to make one so people would have someplace to find out more about me.

Where to start? Jeez...I was born on the cusp of GenX, and I was gothic punk when gothic punk wasn't cool. ^.^;; I'm too aggressive to be a gloom cookie, and I'm too hyper to be a morbid goth, and I'm too hard-edged to be a New Goth Code looks like a desperate cry for help. ^^;;;

GoMu6CS7$TW7$ TPJtAn9 PDrSaR B5/10!]1"1z1 c3-w8 V7s M1p3wgD ZGooPuoTecTeiFanMegFos!! C8o a37-( 23) n4F b48 H170 g8A0686FYpu mEa2No1@Z7 w9L v6R r7P p1Z555Zz D56! h5(P!GPu) sF5M SrNn k7BDpRW N0995JC RfsS LusAL5

"GooPuoTecTeiFanMegFos"? Sounds like something you'd be scared to order in a Chinese restaurant...

I stumbled across Dov Sherman's Big KiSS page in November 1997 and became fascinated with kisekae ("changing clothes" in Japanese, specifically referring to dolls like Barbie whose popularity is based mostly on her vast wardrobe). The Kisekae Set System is a "virtual" paper doll for your computer. You can click and drag clothes to dress the doll, change its clothes, and other neat stuff. I started making dolls in December 1997. Tasha (the sweetest Gloom Cookie I know) was a huge influence, as was Dov Sherman--I couldn't have done it without you guys. My very first KiSS effort, Angel, was based on Tasha's self-portrait doll. I messed up and didn't add documentation to the original doll stating where I got it from, but the present doll gives Tasha full credit and she was very understanding to the newbie chick.

I don't mind a bit anybody modifying any of my dolls to suit themselves, especially beginners who are just learning and who desperately need the practice. I ask only that if you submit the dolls to the Big KiSS Page, the Adult KiSS Page, or anywhere else, that you let me know you're doing it and add documentation (a readme.txt file will do) to let people know where you got the base doll from. How hard could that be? ^.^,v..

Fair Warning! I have noticed that a lot of people are using dolls of mine as "base dolls" for their own KiSS sets, which is fine, since all this is for free anyway...but guys, I'd like at least to be given credit for creating the doll that you're using! I understand that it might just be an oversight--I made that mistake myself starting out, not once, but twice. Still, if you've been in the KiSS world very long, you should know better than to not give credit where credit is due. So I'm giving those who have NOT given credit to me (and you KNOW who you are, guys!) one last chance to own up. If you don't, I'm going to make a special page that "outs" those who have stolen my dolls without permission. I won't be nasty about it, mind you. If you won't give me credit, dammit, I'm TAKING it. ^.~

Special Love and KiSSes To:

Dov Sherman, KiSS artist extraordinaire and maintainer of the Big KiSS Page, without a doubt the best KiSS archive in the whole wide World Wide Web--thanks for the encouragement and inspiration. Just remember, you asked for it, darlin!!!

Tasha--my other favorite KiSS artist and full-time Gloom Cookie--Thanks for being so understanding about my monumental FUBAR in not giving you credit for Angel in the first place and thanks much for letting me keep her. Your dolls are beautiful and I have every single one of them and I want more NOW girlfriend!!!

Other Places to Visit on This Site:

Arabella's Galerie The Galerie is now open for business on the Web! Come and check it out if you dare...mwahahaha...but only if you like virtual vampire chicks.
X-Clave: Discovery The homepage for X-Clave, my X-Men fanfic arc. Here you can meet Miryoko, Galatea and a bunch of mutants owned by some bankrupt comics company or other (I told them not to take Wolvie's adamantium away. I told them not to kill off Illyana. I told them not to do the Onslaught thing. Did they listen to me? Nooooooo....)
Dolls I Have Known and KiSSed All the information you could ever possibly would rather not have known about the characters on which my KiSS doll sets are based. They're not all mine, so please don't steal any of them! ::big goth grrl puppy eyes::

Jonny Quest: The Unreal Adventures I have succumbed to the evil known as JQ:TRA. This site is rather sparse, but you might find a few interesting things here.

Favorite Links:

......... Yeah, this site leaves me speechless...^^;;; This is my daughter Tiarra's page (daughter of my heart, not of my body). We've known each other what, three years now, musume-chan? Yet it's as though we've known each other forever...even our Goth Codes are frighteningly similar (check hers out and see!). Dai dai daisuki yo, musume-chan!!! ^.^,v..

The Big KiSS Page Find all my dolls here, and a BUNCH of others too! Especially check out the ones by Dov Sherman, Tasha, Dominatrix, Batchix, Asia, Light, and Chun. You can get virtually everything KiSS from Dov's place--viewers, tools, dolls, and instructions on how to make your own datasets too. A huge sloppy wet kiss for the guy who provides me endless inspiration and support! ^.^,v..

Tasha's Web The lair of the creator of Tasha, Vixen, Midnight, and other cool dolls. Her page is WAY better than mine and has lots of her lovely artwork all over it.

Jo-chan's House of Mystery My meichan's page, she's a fabulous artist and just a tres cool person, go there now!!

Devilstar's Home Page My little sister's page, featuring tons of art (including mine, hee!). Go see!

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