These patterns were created by me after I experienced no end of frustration that there are almost NO free downloadable patterns for sewing on the Web. These are totally free for anyone to use and distribute--just please don't claim that YOU made them. I have a computer and I can find out where you live. ^.~

The patterns here are for a simple T-shirt style top, a pair of straight-leg slacks and a REALLY easy skirt! By using different fabric prints and adding trims and such, you'll be surprised at what variations you can come up with.

If I get a good response from these patterns, I might put up even more patterns in the future, so consider yourself warned.

DISCLAIMER: These patterns are totally FREE and available for anyone to use. I make no guarantee that these patterns will work as well for you as they did for me. I recommend that you make up the first pieces in scrap cloth and fit them onto your doll first, making adjustments to the patterns as needed before using your "good" material.


Printed patterns, printed out actual size
These instructions (you should print them out for future reference) Scissors
Straight pins
Material (firm weave lightweight cotton broadcloth is great for this stuff)
Matching thread
Needles (I use #7 Sharps)
Small snaps
Your doll, for fittings and adjustments


Print out the pattern page (dollpattern.jpg) and check the measurements (make sure the 1" square on the page really is 1".)
Cut out the pattern pieces carefully along the lines, or trace them onto tissue paper if desired and cut out the traced pieces.

SIMPLE SKIRT (1 pattern piece)

Cut out 1 piece on fold.
Turn under 1/8" at bottom edge. Hem. Clip curves.
Turn under 1/8" of waistband and hem. Clip curves.
Put right sides together and sew together from bottom hem to notch.
Turn under 1/8" of back edges. Hem.
Sew small snap at waist hem.
Turn and press lightly.

T-SHIRT (2 pattern pieces)

Cut out 1 T-shirt front on fold.
Cut out 2 T-shirt backs.
Place the right side of one T-shirt back to the T-shirt front, matching up shoulder edges, and sew the shoulder seam. Repeat with other T-shirt back.
Turn under 1/8" along sides between notches and sew armhole hem. Clip curves.
Match up sides and sew side seams.
Turn neckline under 1/8" and sew neckline hem. Clip curves.
Turn bottom edge under 1/8" and sew bottom hem.
Turn one back edge under 1/4" and sew hem. Repeat for other back edge.
Sew one small snap onto top corners where the back edges meet the neckline. Sew second small snap on about 1 inch from bottom edge.
Turn right side out and press lightly.

STRAIGHT SLACKS (1 pattern piece)

Cut out 2 pieces on fold (you can double-fold the material, or just cut each piece out separately).
Lay pieces flat, one on top of the other, with right sides together. Pin top edges together.
Sew pieces together from one notch to opposite top horizontal edge. Do not sew along horizontal edge! Clip curves.
Flatten joined pieces out and match up one outer leg seam with right edges together. Turn under 1/8" on slack cuff and hem. Sew outer leg seam. Clip curves at hip. Repeat for other side.
Turn under 1/8" of waistband and hem. Clip curves.
Turn under 1/8" of back edges. Hem.
Sew small snap at waist hem.
Turn and press lightly.

Well, there it is! Enjoy! For more sewing patterns, check out At Home Sewing for Fashion Dolls and More, which has lots of links to patterns downloadable in ZIP form, pictures of out-of-print patterns, links, and lots of other good stuff. ^.^